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Frustratedintennessee posted:
I had the flu the end of Feb as it went away here cam infection. I called my Dr and they put me on Bactrum(sulfa Drug). Guess who is allergic. I welped up all over ansd started to itch all over. My daughter came over to take me to the Dr. I had an appointment anyway. She said we are going to the ER. I didn't realize it was that bad. She called my Dr. and he told her to take me to the ER. They immediately started working on me as if I was dieing. Well I was my oxygen was 47 and my bp was 60/40 and all was dropping fast. They kept me in observation and kept saying we may go ahead and put you I ICU. Then my Lisinopril (BP meds) jumped on the band wagon, and turned on me too. Finally I started getting better and Benedryl turned on me. Finally they got my Bp to stay up and my oxygen level to stay up. I went home on Friday 3/8 and I knew where they had my IV was real sore but I figured it was because of where they put it. (under my wrist and up my arm a little, and they were flushing fluids through me trying to keep my Bp up. They were flushing 1/2 a bag of fluids every 30 min. This past Friday I noticed my arm was getting even more sore so I checked it and it was swollen and had heat in it. Guess what I went back to the ER and I have blood clot where the IV was. Thank God not in a main vein. So rest,1 81mg aspirin, heat and keep my arm propped up. They said it shaould be gone by Wednesday. It's smaller but I don't think bt Wednesday. Of all of this I thank God it wasn't any worse.... It could have been so much worse. Now that I am feeling a little better my joints are killing, wonderful Fibro. And now I am allergic to so much I am scared to take anything. Life is crazy it sure can send you some curves sometimes. Thanks for allowing me to vent!!

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