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Fibro and Falling apart
Frustratedintennessee posted:
My Fibro started bothering me early 2009 I was diagnosed in 2010. It seems like every since the Fibro started I started falling apart!! Does anyone else feel that way?
kiski responded:
YES. very much. i am thinking that just being upset with the realization of being in pain all the time and people not understanding (those that dont have it) makes the pain worse.
Chickee32935 replied to kiski's response:
I totally know what you mean, its just so depressing that at my age I have this to look forward to, for the rest of my life. I cant get that out of my head sometimes, when Im feeling low. Other times, I feel like a bump on a log for just laying around, becuase I hurt so bad, I dont wanna move. But if I get up and move, it does help, Im so wishy washy, and airheaded half the time, everyone thinks Im I cant help it. Even with medication for depression, and pain, im still down. I do have good days, but not often. I really dont know how people that live up north do it. I live in Fl, and I really dont have to deal with the cold that much, but its the rainy weather change, barameter change, I think it is.
But I know exactly how you feel
sharonpramos responded:
yes I di ive thought of ending my life to stop all the problems and symptoms that come with this mess

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