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Mother-in-law from hell
mayville posted:
I've had fibro for many years, but, I've been dealing with the worst flare uup that I've ever had. I'm so sick of my mother-in-law saying that there's nothing wrong with me and I don't "look" like there's anythin wrong. It really puts my husband in a bind. He's the one who lives with me and sees my pain. He is so supportive, but I know that this thing with his mother is really geting to him. With mother's day coming, he will go to her house, but I won't. They live on a lake and ther are about 25-30 steps going down to the house. I have a hard enough time going up the 12 steps to our apartment. Our daughter won't go because she doesn't like the way "grandma" treats me and what she says about me. I'm happy tohave her have my back, but, my mother-in-law is wrecking it for herself and losing any kin of relationship with our daughter. Any suggestions?
solme2 responded:
hi sweetie , omg i go through the same thing w my family its because we look so good on the outside and i have a very high tolerence for pain..but through the years have gotten worse and now you can see it in my face expression has changed i dont talk much cause i forget...and am so tired most of the time....enough about me ....ur mil dosent sound like a very nice person.. how lucky she is to be healthy!remember what goes around comes around! i think its so wonderful that ur girl stands up for you! how blessed u are this situation you have to let the chips fall where they may!you have enough to worrie about think about yourself ..and give mil enough rope lol

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