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Does anyone else deal with actually "feeling sick" - not just the pain.
allieb63 posted:
I see many posts about pain management & tiredness - but I wanted to know if anyone else deals with actually "feeling sick." I've had fibro for 20+ years and now am dealing with much more frequent bouts of "feeling sick" in addition to the constant pain. This used to be for me more of a constant pain situation, but now it is evolving into actually feeling sick - similar to how one feels when they are coming down with the flu. And it's like a light switch - one minute I can be pretty much ok, and the next, for no obvious reason, I am sick as a dog. Anyone else experience this?
alv4n responded:
I just joined and haven't read many posts yet. But I've had an FM diagnosis for 5 years and I've pushed through the pain. And I would pay by sleeping most of the weekend. But now, I am getting knocked out midweek. Just last month, I felt sure I had the flu. I could not get out of bed one morning, and I had been fine the previous day, I could not even watch tv as my eyes just wouldn't stay open because my face felt too tired. But no fever, no cough...So I just felt like a crazy person. I know that's negative self-talk, I'm just super-frustrated right now. I had to take a week and a half off from work for that 'flare", and I haven't been the same since. I have the added stress of debating whether to keep working or not. Right now i spent the weekend sleeping with headaches and no energy, so it feels a lot like the flu, the flu that comes back again and again without warning. So much fun. (again, feeling negative) I am sorry you are feeling this way too.
allieb63 replied to alv4n's response:
Sorry for the delay in responding to your post. Thanks for sharing. It sounds very similar to my ordeal, and like your situation, these "flares" are becoming far too frequent. But I don't see too many people discussing this aspect of fibro. Even my case management nurse seemed surprised that I wasn't just dealing with the pain aspect, but also these sudden flu-like symptoms that are completely debilitating. It is beyond frustrating. Incidentally, I haven't been able to work for the past year and a half. Like you, I was able to push through all of this for years, and I also paid for that behavior by recovering (sleeping) through the weekend. Last year, however, for the second time in my teaching career, I had to go on disability. The whole situation just sucks! I truly loved teaching..... So very, very sad.
mortam replied to allieb63's response:
Hiya, i'm very new to this, got diagnosed 6 months ago, but have suffered I think for almost 2 years, cant be sure as put a lot of it down to having 2 small children! At least now I know I'm not mad! I too get these 'flare ups' and also find them dibilitating, I push through and during which i'm constantly hit with nausea and feeling like I am coming down with a severe cold or flu! I also get severe pain in my neck and lower back. It can last anything from a few days to a week and is aweful! I am trying to stay away from too much caffeine as I find it makes me feel anxious adding to the nausea and sick feeling, and drink a lot of water with lemon (seems to really help) and the best feeling for a quick relief a hot hot bath seem to settle me down, but am still learning....
fairymaiden responded:
I have fibro for 20t year my self and yes I have sicknesses bouts also my pain Dr gives me nausea meds for it and that helps

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