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back pain
helmsa19 posted:
Hi, i was told in around march that i have fibro i am on lyrica 50 in mornign and 100 at night. IT helps with most the pain but my lower back hurts so much latley. I was using a heating pad and now i am healing from a second degree burn. I only had it on the low setting and its on a timer. The burn dosent hurt yet my whole lower back does. I just dont understand how that can be. my back dont hurt from the burn. I can do dishs and im in pain standing to long in pain what options does anyone have for advice?

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ellywriter08 responded:
Hi Helmsa19. I recommend getting rid of heat. It causes inflammation which will make your low back get worse. I am a massage therapist and yoga instructor and I live with Fibro. I am on 200mg Lyrica twice daily. I have chronic low back pain. The only thing that helps me is to lay on the floor with an ice pack on my low back and my legs up on the seat of my couch (like I'm sitting in a chair that fell over backwards). Be sure your knees and hips are bent at a 90 degree angle. This takes all pressure off the lumbar spine (low back) and allows it to recover from a day of strain. Also, try pulling your knees up to your chest and rock from side to side every morning and every evening (in your bed). Good luck. I hope this helps.

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