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lucas1403 posted:
I was diagnosed with FibroMyalgia about 3 yrs ago, I had bad days due a lot to the weather and every time I went to my Doc he would say I was having a flare up it would last a couple of days and then I would be k.This year I don t know what is going on I have never had so much pain I feel that Im going crazy Im crying all the time Im in bed most of the day is the only thing that calms me down I have a heating blanket and it feels nice and warm.My Doc of 17 yrs passed away I m devastated I cant find another Doc I feel lost because I don t know were to go and who to ask is it possible for Fibro to get worse,does t get worse all this feeling that I m having are all the symptoms that were posted for fibro and I have most of them .Im in a very abusive relationship with a lot of stress and I also suffer osteoarthritis on both my hands on one hand I have had 5 surgeries and the other also needs surgeries my hand use is limited .Please can someone let me know has my fibro gotten worse and why? I m not sleeping very well.Tysvem for ur help.
nextstepsuicide responded:
Dear Desperate,
There is no cure for fibro. I have had fibro for 30 years. I have been to about 10 fibro experts to no avail. There is no cure. My best recommendation is to find a doctor who knows how to write out numerous scripts to cover pain, muscle tension, insomnia, migraines, TMJ, etc... Keep a journal to validate your needs. After 30 years I'm just about done. However, I am Christian and that doesn't fit with suicide. Most days that dominates my thoughts because of the inescapable pain, even with meds. Living from one set of meds to another isn't living. AND IN CASE YOU DON'T KNOW, IF YOU HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH FIBRO (RECOMMEND SEVERAL DOCTOR DIAGNOSES), YOU CAN FILE FOR DISABILITY. DON'T WAIT. FILE ASAP.
64monterrrey responded:
The fibro will get worse (I think) if you stay in bed and if you stay in the abusive relationship. Those two are a bad combination. If we stay in bed we end up feeling sorry for ourselves, feeling, Perhaps, useless, and it becomes a vicious cycle. Distract the pain, music makes me move, movement makes me feel alive. Being alive makes me think that I have a purpose in life. Look for your purpose in life and value yourself enough to get out of the abusive relationship or find help to improve the relationship if the other person agrees. Hope this helps.

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