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    Sweating profusely
    rezers posted:
    First of all I wanted to let you all know that I am going on vacation to OK. Will be going to see my daughter and grandson. Won't be able to read posts for a whole week. Oh what am I gonna do without all of you. Next, I sweat constantly. Have to have fans blowing all around me 24/7. Even with that I am changing clothes all the time. Last week I was in Sunday school and my clothes were soaked. I was so embarrassed. Almost didn't stay for church, but I did only because I found the place to sit where the air would be constantly blowing on me. I just told one of the other members that I was having a hot flash. Does anyone else have this same issue? It is embarrassing and would love any suggestions to help get through the this. Pain level pretty high today. Think that it is the stress of the trip. Husband is a creap to be around whenever his "schedule" is impacted. MEN!!!!! Well take care. Have a low/no pain day if that is ever possible for any of us. Rebecca
    jo_rws1 responded:
    Hi Rebecca, I have never been a sweater! Now all of a sudden, if I don't have constant air I am sweating all the time. I don't know if its my medicine or my age or just part of Fibromyalgia. It is a big nuisance! I hope you have a great day and I understand how MEN can be too. Thats why I am NOT married! :wink: You have a great day! Good luck with your trip. Jo
    Anjl26 responded:
    Whenever I go outside, sweat just drips off my face. I never noticed it before until this summer. I often take a hand towel with me when I'll be doing yardwork, to wipe my face off with. I don't think there's much we can do to prevent it. I have a fan on my desk at work and keep the ceiling fans going at home, along with the A/C of course.
    Dollbug responded:
    Hello Rebecca......MiMi here from NC.....I am not quite sure if I have officially "talked" to you or not but I would like to tell you that I am 55 years old and I personally think the sweating is kin to FM....I have never, ever had a problem like I have had recently.....I go out to water my flowers and the sweat just pours from my face.....I look like I have been in the shower when I come back is awful... I have also tried to get my 15 minutes of sunshine everyday just by sitting in the chair and again I look like I have taken a shower...... I would also like to tell you about my stress yesterday....My dogs, I have 2, were due to go to vet....I decided that I felt ok enough to take them....when I got there and opened the door to go inside, my older dog decides she thinks she knows what is going to happen and she decides to pull away from me and she did....she pulled so hard that she slipped right through her collar and started running...she was so scared....she ran right into the road...I had knee surgery it will be three weeks ago this Friday....I had the other puppy in my arms trying to hold I panic and start hollering for help and trying to get the dog to stop....she weaved in and out of cars zooming by and went to the other side.....the lady vet heard me hollering and came running....she crossed the street and tried to get Sassie but she kept running....I panicked so bad that sweat was pouring down me and I was shaking so bad I could not even speak.....this scene actually scared me so bad that I thought I was going to pass I also think FM causes us to sweat a lot especially when we panic... I have no idea what causing the sweating.....I had parathyroid surgery last year and I thought perhaps this was due to that but the more I read I think it is just a part of FM and our nervous system....if you find a solution though to it......please share it with us... I hope you get a good doctor who treats FM......good luck... MiMi
    JMW99 responded:
    I am the same way. I have to have fans blowing on me all the time or it is just drippin off my face, and that is the weird part, it is only my face that sweats, unless of course it is really hot outside. I was told it is from the anti-depresants..... :eyeroll: It is one of the side-effects. So how many on here that say they sweat, are on anti-depressants? We will compare to see if you are all on them, if that is really the case? It is embarassing....I hate it! :confused: Judy
    rezers responded:
    Thanks for your responses. :grin: I am on Effexor and that is an antidepressant. Have been on it for almost 2 years and not had a problem with sweating. Just since recently. It doesn't matter if I am in air conditioning. If I don't have a fan or something blowing on my face I sweat. My hair always looks like I stepped out of the shower. MiMi.....So sorry your dog took off like that. That would have been enough for me to panic also. Nothing worse than being so scared. I hope he is okay today and you also. Maybe this summer is just more humid than others. I just don't know. My doctor says that it is good and appropriate to sweat and that is our thermostat. I wonder how much is too much though. I drink lots of water also. Not sure if maybe I am drinking too much. Have a great day and again thanks for your responses. Rebecca
    pnaturegirl responded:
    Hi Rebecaa! I sweat a lot to and with cleaning you can imagine! A little pick me up that works while I clean is Calgon Mist and I love Morning Glory scent. I can be hot and miserable and give myself a spray of that and its cooling and refeshing too! Take Care! :wink:
    sleepwalking responded:
    It could be your medication. I had the problem when taking Nortriptyline and when I stopped taking it the sweating quit immediately.
    Gapper57032 responded:
    Hi Rebecca, I too have the 'sweats'. I have had them on and off for years and don't know what causes them-summers usually worse just because of the heat and humidity of course. When I complain to the Drs about them-they just shrug it off and say that it's not hurting me! Well, maybe it's not-but it sure makes me miserable sometimes! I carry those battery operated mini-fans-they can really help out! You can usually find them at a Wal-Mart type store. I also carry a folded up heavy duty paper towel for mopping off my face. Kleenex is too flimsy and papertowels from restrooms are tough on the skin. Hope that helps. Blessings-TK
    59sunshine responded:
    I sweat like that also. I have for years now. But I recently started on an anti-depressant & it has gotten worse. Mine is mostly in my face & neck area. I usually have the ceiling fan on to keep me from sweating, but the cool air makes my knees hurt & sometimes my other joints. I also get chills. They tell me this is from the Lupus. So I sit under the ceiling fan to keep from sweating with a very light weight blanket over my legs, etc. We have to run a fan at night also. If we don't I wake up sweating & feel like I can't breath. What a life huh? We have some of the craziest symptoms! Hope you are having a low pain day. Take care.
    jeannie1040 responded:
    I think there are a lot of us with this problem. This is about the 3rd time it's come up within the last very few months. The last time it came up, I googled fibro and sweating and came up with a lot of fibro message boards, etc. where other people were complaining/noticing the sweating. They weren't finding too much of a reason either. I take anti-depressants, but I never sweat when I was on them in the beginning, but do sweat now. I have thyroid problems (understand this can be a sweating dxs), take Synthroid, but again, didn't sweat when first received this dxs. The only time I ever sweat before was when I was on my period or pregnant! And, no, this mess is NOT hot flashes! Hot flashes don't stay for hours. Talked w/gyn about this. I have had odd sweating patterns (always looking somewhere for the answer) -- one time I was just plain old sweating, but the sweat coming off my forehead was unbelievable. I do sweat on my head and face, but also along my arms, sweat so much down my back (I will just get so hot on my back just sitting in my vehicle), sweat down the back of my legs, ugh! I hate to sit on those plastic chairs at doc offices or at school, etc. I always leave wet spots where my legs and bum were when I first get up! Thanks for the tip about the Calgon. I will look for this tonight! I had been thinking of writing a post for what we can do to help ourselves. I also have a fan running on me as often as I possibly can, even at the bathroom doorway for when I get out of the shower! Drink a lot of water, too. Anyone else have additional ideas? Hugs, Jeannie
    yogamama7 responded:
    Gosh, what of all you are describing, I have had since I was a child. In fact, I was born in the beginning of July, and my mother called the doctor in a panic later in the month, because I was sweating so much - mostly from my head. It was during a heat wave in 1957. He asked her if she and my dad sweated heavily, when she said my dad did, and he said it was heredity!! To keep me hydrated, and I would be fine. So I have always sweated heavily from my head and neck when I get overheated - which can happen even in the winter. I kept my hair fairly short in college and since, as I would have to pace myself when I went out dancing - and I wanted my hair to look good - even when wet - tand hat could be embarrassing, but I wanted to go out! Well, now that I have FM, I still sweat like the proverbial pig - but I find that I get chills too. And while I was on estrogen replacement after my hysterectomy 5 years ago - about 10 months before the FM diagnosis - the hot flashes were awful. WHen I stopped taking the estrogen after 18 months, the night sweats went away, and the hot flashes are fewer and not as severe! It does sound like it could be drug related in your care, as many of the drugs may cause that effect. I do the paper towel thing, and I try to keep a bottle of water with me - that helps. I have seen these really cool things in Sharper image that keep you cool. It is like a small collar that is to keep you cool, and could go under a blouse with a collar. THeir website is down for repairs, but you could check and see if there is a store near you - I don't think it was more the $50 Let me ask you all - when the sweating comes, the back of my neck at the base of my skull is much hotter than the surrounding skin - right near the brain stem - any ideas? Stay cool, and try whaterever works - it is still a mystery to me - but it will keep your skin fresh!! People have told me for years (I am now 51) that I do not look my age - no wrinkles, and then it dawned on me - the sweating keeps my pores clear!! Try to go with the flow, and make lemonade if you must - life is always a bit sweeter when you do!! Gentle Hugs, Yogamama7
    macgolfer responded:
    Wow I have googled this before and never found anything. I sweat alot of the time also. Especially if the dew point is high, 65 and higher. I sweat doing simple things like the dishes or even just putting on my makeup. I have found that when I took Prozac or Cymbalta it was worse. I have not tried other antidepressants. The grocery store is one of the worst places. By time I get to the check out sweat is running down my face. I usually carry a fold up fan or something I can fan myself with. But with prices so high now it's enough to make anyone sweat. :smile: I have fans in every room and usually have them running most of the time. My husband then will go into a room and shut the fan off and that really gets me going. lol I freeze him out with the air conditioner, so he is always wanting to open the windows and can't wait for it to cool off outside. There are times though that I hate having the fan blowing on me. So I point it away from me and that helps. I was never sure if it was the fibromyalgia, getting older, hormones or the drugs. I'm glad I found this message board so I can show my husband I'm not the only one. That I'm not totally crazy. :goofy:
    CBozin responded:
    I am a younger male with fibromyalgia.. My mom also has fibromyalgia but not to the extent that I do when it comes to flare-ups and daily symptoms. I too sweat nonstop all day for usually no reason at all, and when there is a reason to sweat I might as well be swimming. Im not on any medications anymore because I no longer have insurance so I know it isn't drugs. This is frustrating because I also deal with constant high levels of anxiety/panic attacks so I commonly look like I am on hard drugs in public. (Sweating shaking acting weird slurred speech and pupil dialition) I no longer really go out and now I sit with a fan all day. Im really disappointed in how the United States is treating its sick. Pfft Even when I did have insurance nothing was really covered. I could move to almost any country now and get better healthcare. Im more embarrassed of living here than I am of sweating and looking like a drug addict. Make money off the healthy and save money by not giving healthcare to the people who it was invented for in the first place, the sick... the new American way.
    jacksgramma responded:
    Hello Rebecca, I have been one never to sweat. But since my hysterectomy I sweat so much. I know Cymbalta has this side effect yet it appears worse. When I exercise I cannot control the sweating. I hate it. Hugs, Lori

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