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    RIB CAGE PAIN/severe
    fibropain1 posted:
    Hello Everyone!

    I am wondering if any, all or some of you have the severe RIB CAGE pain that I have? My entire rib cage hurts. I wake up feeling like someone beat me up with a baseball bat and my ribs are crushed. They do not JUST hurt when you touch them, but hurt CONSTANTLY 24/7. It is not just the ribs themselves, but all the tissue, ligaments, nerves that involve that entire area from the front to the back and the top to the bottom of the rib cage. It is so painful that nothing can be worn around the rib cage and nobody can hug me and I miss hugs. It is excruciating.

    I used to get this once or twice a year and the doctor always said that I had "costocondritis." (spelling?) It used to be called, "costalgia." I guess the "itis" on the end means "inflammation" and the "algia" means pain? He said it was a virus and would go away! It did at one time, but it has been with me know for about a year. I have had fibro for over 20 years. Is it a virus or is it part of the fibro? I am confused. Is this another syndrome that we have to take that goes along with our fibro? I am confused.

    Thanks to all in advance! Love you guys already, even though not been here long..............Can anyone help with this question?
    Anjl26 responded:
    It does sound like costocondritis. It's not a virus and it IS part of having FM. (Some people get it when they are sick from coughing alot, but in our case, that's not the cause.)

    Lidoderm patches can be helpful if you can pinpoint a couple of key areas that hurt the most.
    fibropain1 responded:
    Thank you so much. It hurts SO badly! It is the worst part of my fibro because I cannot wear a BRA! I have to try and find some kind of loose sports bra and even they hurt around the rib cage. My entire spine hurts and other areas, as well, but nothing like this rib cage! Will I have this forever?!
    CORYSGIRL30 responded:
    Yes, and DO NOT rub it! It will get worse! Mine comes back every few months.
    fibropain1 responded:
    Yea, okay.. BUT it is so hard not to rub it. I will just keep using the heating pad, but it just is not large enough to cover the back and the front

    Thanks, Ann
    CORYSGIRL30 responded:
    Are you taking ibuprofen? It helps the inflammation a bit. If you take it 3 times a day it's just as good as taking a prescription. (the ER doc told me)
    fibropain1 responded:
    I cannot take NSAIDS. I used to take ibuprofen, but my stomach won't tolerate it. So, this stuff IS an inflammation? I wonder why my rheumatologist has not given something to me then if it is an inflamation. I feel like I am dieing. This stuff is painful. I wonder if I could mix ibuprofen with another drug I am taking? It would be worth the chance if this is just not PAIN from fibro. Wow, my neuro led me wrong.

    "Itis" ending does mean inflamation. It used to end in "algia" which just means pain.

    Foxgrove responded:
    This sounds really familiar.. Does it hurt more when you take a deep breath??? Mine has been getting progressively worse for a while but I find it less on the days I have headaches 'cause I take Advil to take the edge off the headache.

    Does this sound right??? It hurts MOST right in the front for me where the ribs meet in the middle. Sometimes I wonder if I'm having a heart attack it's so painful.

    I think I'll put this in my PDA to bring up at my next doctor's appointment.
    kimmeytoo responded:
    I was coming over here to ask a very similiar question!

    I am new to this FM thing, just got diagnosded 2 weeks ago.

    Does this sound like Costochondritis? I have pain in my upper back (right side) and shoulder that moves down into my rib cage. Also on the side of my breast, it sometime feels like my breast is hurting. It burns and hurts! I was just told it was FM pain! ugh

    Does this sound familiar to anyone??

    Thanks! Kim in AL
    fibropain1 responded:
    Hi Foxgrove, I am sorry you are having this pain. It is scary. When I first started having this in the mild form, my breast bone hurt, right there in the middle, as you say. But, I also had a stiff neck and it felt like someone was stabbing me with a hot knife that went to the rib cage area and YES the breast bone.

    I just have it worse now as part of my fibro. Like Julie said, ibuprofen helps her, but I cannot take that anymore.

    If it is something other than this, I would definitely add if you my PDA and ask the doctor to listen to your chest for pleuracy, pericarditis,walking pneumonia, and a number of other things - even indigestion. Are you wheezing?

    I was sort of stumped by this because I would just get it a couple of times a year, was told it was a virus and it went away. Now it is staying with me 24/7 and is the most painful thing of my fibro and it is my ENTIRE rib cage. That is why is was wondering if anyone had this 24/7 and if if included their ENTIRE rib cage area.

    I wish that I could help more. The doctor will know if it is anything else when he listens to your chest.

    You know, Bayer aspirin advertises for men, especially to take that low dosage of aspirin to help prevent heart attack. That may be a good idea IF you are not allergic to aspirin. Aspirin thins the blood, so just the low dose.

    Good luck to you! Ann
    Grampa_Bear responded:

    I do, but not because of the FM...I had cancer surgery...the doc jacked my ribs open instead of cutting them (shorter heal time...less chance of a puncture too)...and I've got nerve damage there, and it aches like I took a hard 6-inch jab from Ali a couple of times.

    Had a nerve block done, and that was good for about 3's back now.

    I use Ice on mine (plus I have lidoderm patches too)...but the ice seems to help just as much with no chemicals going in. Oh yeah, Biofreeze takes some of the teeth out of it too.

    If you've got an icepack, wrap it in a towel, and apply it to the area. Might have to do that a couple of times to get it to calm down for you.

    Good Luck,

    fibropain1 responded:
    Hi Kimmeytoo !

    I am so sorry that you are in pain! This is my question too. Is the costochondritis and ANIMAL of it's own or it is just another SYNDROME of the FM?

    It sounds like you have costochondritis to me. But, again will it go away or stay as part of the syndrome of FM?

    It is an inflammation of the junctions where the upper ribs join with the cartilage that holds them to the breastbone or sternum. It seems to me that it can be bacterial, fungal, or viral. Then there is something called TIETZE syndrome that must be different.

    I am getting more confused and I hope that some NURSES or some others would look at these post because I think it needs to be addressed.

    IT IS SO PAINFUL! We need an answer about costochondritis because if if is, then it would be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDS. But, if it is just a syndrome from FM and it is not costochoncdritis, then what would we be treated with? It used to be called Costalgia, which tells me it was PAIN because I think the ending "algia" means PAIN.

    I also want to know if this is the same thing as the Teitze Sydrome.

    Kimmeytoo, we need some answers! I hope that someone out there can explain it to me and help because I am in dire pain and cannot even wear anything around my rib cage, if ya know what I mean.

    Good luck you you and I hope some people will step up to the plate and help us with some answers!

    Take care, sweetie Soft, Soft, SOFT hugs!!!! Ann
    kctogetherforever responded:
    So sorry you are hurting so bad. Miss can't take anything because of her stomach here. I have found however if I drink liquid GAVISCON before I take Advil, it helps. I can't take it often, but have to sometimes with my back. Get the extra strength and take it everytime you take the advil type product. This is gross, but don't be upset when your poop is white. LOL.....Kathy in Tennessee
    fibropain1 responded:
    Hi Jim, WHEW! It sounds like you went through a lot. I am so sorry. I know you must be in pain. I had never thought of bio-freeze. I use a morphine cream that the doctor gave me, but I use it very sparingly and would prefer not to. He says that it is okay to use it though. But how in the world do you spread bio-freeze or anything else on the back of the rib cage area and front. By the time you are finished, the arms and shoulder joints hurts so badly it is exhausting!

    Ice helps with a lot of things, but I cannot stand severe cold. I cannot even go out in the winter - wished I lived in the tropics or sunny California and could be in the sun all the time!

    The licoderm patch you mention sounds good. I am not exactly sure how it works, but I will ask my doctor. Thanks for those ideas. I am willing to try anything. Thank you and I hope you feel better

    As for the costochondritis, I am getting desperate to know if this is a virus and it will go away. It has stayed with me a year now. Or is it s syndrome of FM? It is sort of like - "Which came first - the chicken or the Egg?

    If it is an inflammation, it seems it would be treated with NSAIDS. If it is a syndrome caused from FM, then is it an inflammation? I have always been told by my rheumy that FM is NOT an inflammation, so why do they treat some with NSAIDS and some not?

    I HOPE, JIM that some nurses will help me out. I am sort of a newbie and do not know how to get this out to get answers, but am trying. I really need help. * * * *

    Again, thank you for all your input. I read all you put out there!

    fibropain1 responded:
    Hi Kathy! That's funny - white poop. You are funny..... You have a nice picture; I need to find one.

    I wish that I could take that. I have heard that is good. It seems that a lot of you take NSAIDS. Is everyone suffering and getting no relief at all? Do you know that ADVIL is like taking a sugar pill for me? Also, I cannot mix that with my other meds.

    I have such a LOW tolerance for pain you would not believe - OR then again you probably would! Sometimes they say you cannot mix things though when I think it probably would not hurt. But some things could keep other meds from being absorbed in the stomach, I guess.

    I wish I was in NASHVILLE! It is cold here! Where is spring? Take care and SOFT, SOFT HUGS ! Ann

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