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ChillyinMI posted:
anyone tried curcumin??
Dauniwan responded:
is it a spice? my guess?

Daun in mo...
ChillyinMI responded:
well curcumin is what gives turmeric its yellow color it has been said to have really good anti inflammatory properties and as I like to try alternatives I think Im going to give it a shot
Nesarian responded:
It was awesome for me! It is an anti-inflammatory but somehow helped me. I have DDD and OA also so maybe it helps those conditions. I just know it helps without hurting me with side effects that then kick off some other condition. Know what I mean?
Dauniwan responded:
I used to be an all a diet restricts alot of this...but i have read about it n hearing some say they are getting some releif..yupper's if could I would...

may it aid you n yours!

Daun in mo..
susansimmons replied to Nesarian's response:
I know that literally THOUSANDS of people have benefited with the curcumin (mix of spring and fall) grown in Okinawa Japan. I know how to get it too!
missist replied to susansimmons's response:
I did try it--and still reserve it as a last ditch maybe some day.. but after a few weeks I felt NO pain relief at all--so since I needed something I took aleeve and felt so much better I decided to stop trying the turmeric.

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