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Lyme vs. Fibro
Mesti posted:
Can anyone point me to a good article, discussion, or other information that can really help me differentiate my fibro vs. Lyme symptoms? I am trying to figure out if and when I can stop taking antibiotics for my Lyme. Also have vitamin D deficiency to further confuse symptoms. Welcome your thoughts and resources. Mesti
trishden responded:
Hi Mesti, IMHO they are one in the same. I was told I have Lyme, CFS and Fibromyalgia......triggered by the Lyme. I think if you can lick the Lyme the Fibro will go away. Interesting that Fibro never even existed 15 years ago when I had my first bout of Lyme. I think it's a catch all term invented by infectious disease doctors (the worst) to help big farma sell drugs. Cynical I know, but I've done a lot of research on the subject and there is a concensus that Fibro is bacterial or viral in origin. Trish
annette030 responded:
I disagree. FMS has been mentioned in the medical literature for well over 15 years. I was diagnosed that long ago, and the rheumys had diagnostic criteria in about 1990 I think. It has always "belonged" to the rheumatologists, even though now we know it is not a rheumatological illness.

There are blood tests for Lyme Disease, but not for FMS. Certainly one can have more than one disease at a time. But, I only have the FMS, I don't have the symptoms of CFIDS or Lyme.

I never catch anything infectious, I have had two colds in 20 years, and never get the flu or anything like that. My immune system is top notch.

I believe the doctors that say FMS is a neurological dysfunction.

You might try reading at Dr. Robert Bennett, MD a well known FMS researcher posts articles there that are very interesting.

Take care, Annette
mamawrobyn responded:
Wow! Annette according to Trish all we have to do is take an anti-viral or anti-bacterial and fibro will be gone! I just wish my Doctor told me that!
annette030 responded:
Unfortunately, there are many different points of view about the origins and treatments of FMS. I hope with more research we will have more answers.

I can easily remember the days when we did not have any anti-viral meds at all. The ones we have now do not work on all viruses, so many viral illnesses are left for our bodies to conquer. I just do not agree with the research to date that leans towards a viral or infectious causation for FMS. I may end up wrong when all the research is completed. For now, I still think it is a neurological problem.

Take care, Annette
Grapedy responded:
I'm with Annette. The most promising research is coming on the neurological front. We've long known that FMers have a brain that doesn't interpret pain signals correctly, so it's a logical conclusion that most of it is neurological in origin. That explains why anti-depressants and Lyrica work for so many of us. If it was viral or bacterial those drug classes would not give us any benefit.

I don't have Lyme. Grew up in an area that doesn't have a large population of deer ticks and Lyme disease is quite rare in Louisiana. I haven't been bitten by a tick in nearly 20 years.
Tuned2fm responded:

I am with Annette and Rachel, the research is leaning more towards a neurological problem with our pain receptors. I wish it was a virus, that could possibly be cured and more research would be done. Interesting topic though.


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