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shaky legs from pain
Yayabay06 posted:
Hi FMily~~~~ Does anyone else get shaky when in pain and so tired??? My legs do that and now my whole body is shaky. I have been on my legs for a while and they have hurt all day but I think they hurt AND tired so they are shaky...... Anyone else know what I am talking about???? YaYa
SherylAnne1955 responded:
YaYa....Yes.....My legs and body gets shaky when I'm tired or if I'm on my feet alot.... Also, when I lay down my legs feel like they are going to jump off of the bed because of muscle spasms and being shaky.... I hope you feel better soon Sweet YaYa and get some rest and do things in small increments and pace yourself.... Give Alex a squooshy smooch for me... :sheepish: I hope you both have a fantastic evening and get plenty of rest....
Socialwrkr responded:
Oh yeah, most days by about 3 p.m., I'm shaking and have a hard time walking. As I'm learning to pace, it's a bit better, but not much. Take care Aimee
Tuned2fm responded:
Yep YaYa, I do the same thing. My legs seem to be the worst but when I am extremely exhausted I shake all over. I didn't know it was from FM until dx. I assumed it was my anxiety even though I do this when I am not particularily stressed. I hate it when I am going up or down stairs, it makes me feel so unstable. YaYa, I mean "unstable" on my feet I know I am unstable mentally, lol. It doesn't help that my hips feel like they can swivel 360 degrees. I am glad I am moving to a place with fewer steps. Take care when you are feeling like that, b/c I have had a lot of falls trying to walk on shakey legs. Sheila
activity responded:
Yep, I feel this way quite frequently. erin

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