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universal symbol for fibromyalgia
dpunkee posted:
Morning to you all.

I was just wondering if we fibromyalgia sufferers have a universal symbol that we use sort of like what breast cancer or ovarian cancer patients have? If so please let me know. I would be quite interested in knowing what it is. Thanks Diana
Dollbug responded:
Hello Diana.....and welcome.....MiMi in NC.....I do not know exactly what you universal symbol....I am assuming it is something like the pink for cancer....ours should be a dragon with spitting fire......but now this is just my opinion......I have no idea...but I do think it would be a good have one....

Take care.....

MagPrincess responded:
Here are some products to spread the word. Not sure if this was what you were looking for
dpunkee responded:
Oh my God MiMi you must have read my mind! I was thinking about "a dragon" too but one with spitting fire is excellent. I really like that idea! Let me find something out and I will get back to you, if that's ok. Diana
ZannaDo responded:
Hmmm I was thinking, after another sleepless night with blinding pain, that the symbol should be a hand gesture, perhaps utilizing a finger......

I know - naughty - and I' m sorry if I offended anyone, but that's just how I feel today. I'd like to give the whole thing the finger.

But seriously, isn't it a butterfly? From
Anjl26 responded: is the National FM Association. Their symbol is a butterfly. In general, the ribbon for FM is purple.
TJAlex responded:
It's a Purple Butterfly, purple ribbon, the dragon, a pink and maroon ribbon, and there is a really cool butterfly inside this double inverted heart thing.

Purple ribbons stand for alot of things which I think is why one org. tried to do the pink and maroon. but I think the purple already have a hold and it was only on org. trying to change it.

luvgarening responded:
I found a fantastic sight that has quite a variety of merchandise for fibromyalgia it is I can't wait to get some of the T-shirts and a coffee mug.

It has lots of items with the butterfly and also the purple ribbon.

Happy thoughts and hugs to all.

Dorilyn from Oregon
Booch007 responded:
Don't you find it amazing it is a butterfly like Lunesta??? As we can't it is NOT light and airy and flittery.......gentle or light to the a butterfly.

I knew a purple ribbon was true, as I got an angel with the ribbon from Pat years back when I fist joined here.

But, really...a butterfly. I say we change it to a purple eyes and very long spikey teeth............Rrrrouch!!!!!!! Nancy B
dpunkee responded:
Thanks for all of your responses about a symbol for fibro. I don't quite get the butterfly thing. My idea of a butterfly is something beautiful and soothing to watch as they fly by with beautiful colors. Going about their daily lives just flying and being free. Thats what a butterfly symbolizes to me. Now fibro is not by any means beautiful or soothing. We are trapped in our bodies trying to find something to help relieve the pain, the aches, the fatigue. Sure we may look nice on a good day but I never have a good day. So to me a true symbol for fibro is the dreaded dragon. Again thanks for all of the responses. Diana
Tany84 responded:
Those are great! I didn't realize all of that stuff was out there or that there was even a symbol for it.


Lccosby responded:
Just thought you should know that the butterfly is not the symbol. The same butterfly is used for OCD, anxiety disorder, bipolar, manic depression (they are the same thing but have different colors for each). The true symbol is actually the purple ribbon. It is also used for several different disorder (some one did not use the 144 box of crayons when they picked out ribbon colors.) I hope this helps. I do like the butterfly's but I am a butterfly nut.
NeNe_11 replied to Dollbug's response:
I cracked up whenever I read you suggestion for our symbol!! I agree, cause theres nothing good about this illness so it makes sense to have any angry symbol like the dragon!

Signed..The Spitfire Dragaon
NeNe_11 replied to NeNe_11's response:
Oh, and I just read the idea for the middle finger & that was so funny as well!
mymyrt replied to NeNe_11's response:
Not real sure about the butterfly thing. You all know what butterflies eat, right? Well, would that mean that we are all butterfly food? I feel like butterfly food most of the time anyway. The middle finger is great. Couldn't we dress it up with purple, red, and yellow ribbons or designs and maybe add a beautiful Elizabethan ring? Just a thought.


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