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Welcome Newcomers!
Caprice_WebMD_Staff posted:
I know that we have a number of new members right now. Welcome! We are always glad to have new members join us.

I want to share a few things with all of you (new and old members):

1. Please do not use ALL CAPS in your posts. It makes them harder to read. It also is considered shouting/rude on the Internet.

For more information on this please see: The Moderator's Guide to NetiquetteTo adjust font size in discussions to make them easier for you to read, click the letter A at the top of the page in the top right corner of the orange bar.2. Speaking of harder to read, use a double click of the enter/return key to break up your post into paragraphs. Paragraphs make it much easier to read your post. Here are some reasons for beginning a new paragraph:To highlight an important point To show you're switching to a new idea/thought To show a change in time or place To break up a dense text and give readers a pause. 3. Keep in mind ">Internet Safety. The linked article is listed under children's health, but contains valuable information for all of us, including how to tell whether you should trust an Internet source. 4. #tagging">Tag your posts-it helps make the board easier to search for other members. You will also get a "tag cloud" on your ">persona page, so that you can search for other posts on the same topic easier. For example, medications, probiotics, flares. For more information, see the ">Board FAQs, always accessible from the menu on the top left sidebar5. Consult with your doctor/your health professional about anything you decide to try after reading about it on this board or anywhere else on the Internet. Even well-meaning advice or researched content may not be appropriate in your situation. 6. Log in when you first come to the message boards. This allows you to add boards or individual discussions to your Favorites, accessible via the menu in the upper left column. The latest messages you have posted show up on ">Your Persona Page. The link to that page also lives at the top of the left side of your page. Signing in allows you to ascertain which posts are new to you since you last looked in.7. If you run into technical difficulty-our ">Tech Help board will be happy to assist you. Browser and version -You can get that information by clicking on "Help", then "About" at the top of your screen when your browser is open (Examples: Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 2.0, Safari 3.1)Operating system your computer uses (Examples: Windows XP or Vista, Mac OS)Type of internet connection you have (cable, DSL, dial-up, satellite) Description of the issue you are running into and the text of any error messages you get. 8. To report a post you feel is in violation of our #part10">Terms and Conditions of Use, click on the Report Post link beneath the message.

We hope this helps you as you begin to settle in here.

Ready to start? If so, click on the orange Back to Topics button on the upper right to get back to the board, OR click on this link, then click on the orange Start Discussion button there.


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graydee responded:
how can i change my author name from graydee to deedee
WindowView responded:
I see quite a few people out there haven't read "Letter To Normals". It's quite long, so I though I'd ask if you could post it somewhere so that those who don't have it, could print it out. Or I could post it. I have to show my Family this letter every time I go into a peaking stage, like I am now. Sometimes I wonder whose memory is worse. Hum ...

Thank you. Kathryn
Dorothea_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi graydee,

The only way to change your screen name is to re-register with the name you'd rather use. You will have to use a different email address, though.

Hope this helps.

truckinlady responded:

I just joined last week and added a photo to my personal page. However, now the photo shows up on my posts but not on my personal page....and I do not have the ability to edit anything now. My personal page does not give me any info or any way to edit. How can I get this problem fixed?

Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Anna,

It's showing in some browsers but not in others. It looks like the picture you used is too large and so has become corrupted.

Try editing when using a different browser than your usual. If that doesn't work, write to with your board nickname and ask that we delete your current picture. This last option could take a bit of time, so be warned.
truckinlady responded:
Thanks, it worked. I deleted the picture and now I can edit again. Thanks again for you assistance.

Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
You're very welcome, Anna.
kitty3131 responded:
Having surgery on the 7th of july......
Moxie1956 responded:
I updated my profile and saw that I had only one post when I know I've replied up to 3-4 times. I log-in, I have read your guidelines and comply, and I click on "post message." My question is am I being deleted for some reason, or am I doing something wrong in getting my reply posted?
SHELLEY28409 responded:
Hello I know this is a dumb question but could you help me by letting me know how to do my profile...i click on to my profile but i dont know where to go from there as far as writing about myself...i dont see anywhere to click onto....kindaa new at all this, so feel kinda stupid but would like to write about myself some so people would kinda know about me...thanks

Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Moxie,

You've been around for a while and it's possible that your older posts have been archived (as all of ours have been) as part of the regular maintenance of these boards.

If you're asking about recent posts, none of yours have been removed (I would be able to determine that) so it's possible that you're not always going through with the entire posting process, past the point of preview, and they're just not hitting the board in the first place.

I hope this helps.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Shelly and welcome,

Once you are on your profile page if there are no fields to fill in, click on the Edit link in the green to get going.

No need to feel stupid either; we were all new at one time or another and you'll be navigating these boards like an old pro in no time.
SHELLEY28409 responded:
hi Caprice

Can you tell me why everytime i reply to a post when i finish it at the bottom it is darkend out and says ignore Shelley....I know all these people arent ignore-ing my post cause they answer me but it says that every time i post anything...just wonder ing what i am doing .....and how do you use the smiley or the says to click to add but if i click on one of them it just types out what there expression crying or smiing...I know you think i am absolutely the dumbest person you have ever met on the computer but i honestly cant figure it me please...

Thanks so much

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