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    Medical Pot
    LisaJordan2010 posted:
    I live in Michigan. We have started the medical card for people that need it with strict rules. I haven't tried getting it yet because my doctors feel that I am using my diagnosis to get out of work. I have fibromyalgia,depression,migraines,ptsd, sleep apena, renold's syndrome, and lower back pain that wont go away, along with pain in the hips.
    I have done so far 3 reg PT at 2 months each time, 2 of water PT, 2 months of that with NO pain killers at all. Here we are told we have to have 1 doctor to say we need it or it will benifit our pain.

    My doctors think I am a dead beat welfare mother.......I have worked since i was 15, missing only 2 years with the births of my 2 kids.....I proved it but still the doctors want nothing to do with it.

    how do you tell a doctor either give me something for the pain or give me my card? LOL the last Dr I asked about the drug said its not legal in his eye even if the state says so....I so need help How do I get specific medical records that I know I need for the Dr that signs the card?

    My mother over 2 years had 3 vertebra's broke in her spine, she had them fixed and replaced with spacers, they sniped some nerves and caused so much pain she cry's still to this day to do anything.....she was denied her card..they said she wasn't in pain long enough. what happened to compassion? I want some of these doctors to tape golf balls to their butt cheeks and to their backs and neck and sleep,eat, and work with them on for a week, then tell me how it feels.
    I don't mean to get so testy, I am just sick of being treated like I am lieing. I have even asked for a PET scan over a year ago, lol I was told do you know how much that test costs? is cost what matters to a patient that is in pain 24/7. Is money more important that a life?
    CindyLG responded:
    Hi Lisa. This is a difficult one. I hope that with more knowledge and research that the doctors who don't believe in FM will some day realize that it is real. There are many that do. My doctors are really good.

    I am sorry you and your mom have had such a bad experience. I think it it hard for people to understand chronic pain unless they to have to deal with it themselves.

    Good luck and best wishes to you and your mom. I do like your idea about the golf balls. :-D

    P.S. I was born in Michigan but I now live in Texas.

    Take Care & Rock On,
    Cindy :)
    LisaJordan2010 replied to CindyLG's response:
    Thanks Cindy,

    Lol the golf balls were the only way i could think of someone who has never experienced the pain, could.

    I will be trying to find another dr that will listen to me, and again as I write this I have only gotten 4 hrs of sleep. Even with my cpap i dont get enough sleep. But I have tried medical herb and went right to sleep and slept for over 6 hrs. Even if i can get the same effect with the man made drug that mimics medical herbs without the high, I would try it but my dr's don't want to give me anything to stop the pain....almost as if they want me to stay in pain which i feel is inhuman.

    My mother is going to keep trying to get relief but i think she is almost at her end of help. She wont go online and ask for help she feels like she will be treated without care...It's her choice.

    Thank you

    Lisa - the one with multi purpose ideas :P
    alispazz responded:

    How sad for you both, no human being should have that kind of experience with Dr.'s or pain.

    Have you tried finding a pain clinic or a rheumy, or Neuro that deals with the kind of pain FM can bring.

    So many on here have had trouble finding DR.'s that actually believe in FM, let alone understand it.

    The PET scan will probably not help a lot... but who knows.

    I strongly suggest that you try and find someone who understands and can be compassionate, they may be able to help without the MJ.

    Hugs to both of you

    debw216 responded:
    Hi LisaJordan! I also live in Michigan! LisaJ. what kind of insurance do you have? Because if you have state insurance then you're only allowed to see certain Drs. I would call that insurance company and request to see a different Dr. It may take up to 90 days to get yourself transferred to another Dr, but hey..start the ball rolling anyhow.

    Also, a "pet scan" is for the purpose of diagnosing cancer, so that wouldn't be a help to you.

    I would keep a log of daily aches and pains, fatigue...etc for your new Dr. The problem I think, is that with the state Dr's, they always think that any patient that they see is only there for pain-killers. So, I wouldn't go there and directly ask for this medical card. If you're in pain, take anything they will precribe for you. Also, after seeing this new Dr for awhile, then put in a request to see a Rheumy. All of this will take some time...but just hang in there. is your right to be able to obtain your medical records. You'll have to sign a waiver, and probably pay for copying fees, but you will be able to get them. The problem is though, that if this Dr puts in your records that you are just there because you are a "drug seeker" then you probably don't want to take those medical records to your new Dr.

    Good luck to you and I hope this helps...
    LisaJordan2010 replied to debw216's response:
    Deb, thanks for responding. I am on state aid. I have since my daughter was born in 95. She was 1lb 6oz. I even warned the dr's I had for obgyn that I had a problem with my uterus. They wouldn't listen.

    on the PET scan I wanted it back in 07 to see if their was an abnormal change in my brain when all the pain and fatigue started. I was ignored but its no use now nothing to compare it to. The one thing the dr's don't and wont understand is I went to school to be a MA. I know what the basics are and they keep running around in circles with me. Although I wont make the mistake in telling them I know what they are really talking about because then they feel i am trying to outwit them....its not hard.

    I am going to get a medical manager because I have more than just fibro, i have sleep apnea
    ptsd,depression,migraines,Reynolds synd. and possibly lupis....I had to fight for each test but as I thought, the dr's they sent me to said YUP she is...but I am still without pain management, I'm sorry yes exercise does help give you some relief later with some help but going through it all without someway for my brain to disconnect from the pain my ptsd and depression gets worse. We give animals pain meds.....its inhuman to make me be in pain with all that I have I feel like the world has forgotten me. words can help only so much. I am taking action but in doing so I am pissing off a lot of dr's.

    The dr didn't put in a note about pain meds, he was upset that he couldn't control how I used a dr excuse for my work. I caught Spinalmenigitis in 2006 and was seen in his office on 3 days strait for pain after a spinal tap, caused me a lot of pain in my sciatic nerve area. When they fired me anyways, that note i turned in was used for my unemployment. The dr was PIST.....I'm sorry i used it for what it was meant for my job...unemployment was attached to the place i worked at when he wrote the note and it was for the same employer.
    Now all the dr's think i am trying to get out of working....I have a excellent work history since I was 15 only taking 2 years off to have my children. My fibro started in 2007 end of year from their my work history stops, I couldn't hold the job cause i couldn't get to sleep then couldnt get up in time..I hate FIBRO
    LisaJordan2010 replied to alispazz's response:
    Hi Ali

    Thanks for responding. I have tried a pain clinic 2 years ago all they wanted to do is give me shots in my back....after the first set of shots i was in so much pain i said no more.
    I was sent to a Rheumy , unfortunatly she was not from this country, she had such a bad attitude and accient I couldn't understand half of what she said and then when I asked for pain Control NOT pain meds she flew off the handle saying I don't hand out drugs. Then she had the nerve to ask me why I was their. I got so upset i started crying, I didn't send me their my dr's did. I told her so, lol she got pist. She left the room after the diagnosis and her nurse came in and dismissed me as a patient saying that their was a communication/ understanding problem on my part. What? I couldn't beleave it.
    So now I am calling my insurance co to have them give me a medical manager cause with all of my diagnosis's I can't even keep up with one.
    The PET scan wont help now but when I started the symptoms in 2007 it could have shown how i progress with medication. But as always the patient shouldn't know anything about their care because the dr's couldn't push you out the door after 5 mins.

    The last time i went to my primary dr my block was for 15 min for recheck.....i was only in the room for 8 min then kicked out after the dr said well, I don't see anything changing see you in 2 i cattle? lol nope I am Lisa :)
    fibroinsd responded:
    Wow...sounds like you have been around the block a few times. I am sorry you are in such pain. I do hope you can get to a doctor that is familiar with Fibro and all the other things.

    Meanwhile, do read the tips ( on the right hand side.)..I haven't been there since Webmd changed the way their webpage works..but it should have a post called Using the Toolbox. It is filled with ideas that can help without a doctor.

    Remember also, that any medicine comes with side effects...which work differently on be careful about what you take. And go to a health food store and see what you can get there..You can use some good Vit. B's ...and a good multi-vitamin...maybe some D vitamin. Hopefully they have someone there familiar with these problems that might be able to help.

    LisaJordan2010 replied to fibroinsd's response:
    Thanks Cece,

    I have been around the block and back. I think most could write a book about me. If anyone wants to know all of what I have been through since I was 13 give me your email addy and I will give you the info. I am warry on giving out the info because some of the people involved are family members that I don't want to be attacked. I have ptsd from what happened to me when I was 13. The depression and anxiety started about when I was 16. The ptsd has now caused me to be withdrawn and scared to trust anyone that comes into my life. From the age of 16 to 35, I refused to deal with my problems. I drew everything internal. 2 years ago it hit me all at once. The fibro and depression sent me into a sprial, but I had 2 children that needed me so i seeked help. I got antidepressants, and did what the dr said. Then when I complained about the pain they thought it was to get drugs..but they didn't care about my mental stability or to add that to what effect it would have on my body. I have now called my insurance co. and they are looking into getting me a medical manager for my healthcare, the physical side and mental side. I just know I have tried 5 antidepressants over 20 years the only one that seams to work is cymbalta. It does nothing for the fibro lol but my depression is almost under control. I am in group thyp. for trama and depression. They are helping but its emotioinally painful. which adds to the fibro...why cant dr's understand when you mess with the mind the body follows. lol

    I am going to try for my medical m. card in the next 2 months. I would rather use that then use the sleeping pills to help me go to sleep. The pills have made me do laundry and dishes while I sleep...thank god I dont own a car yet....I wouldn't even mind the pill that mimics the effects of pot but my doctors wont hear of it...i think they are getting a throw back for putting me on drugs that kill my stomach... So far in the last month i have lost 15 lbs and my dr didn't even care. I did not that I didn't need to loose it but it was to fast. Ok done venting lol

    Hugs to all that are in pain, one day they will find a cure
    fibroinsd replied to LisaJordan2010's response:
    I am so glad you trusted me enough to vent. Unfortunately, I have a best friend who has had to deal with exactly what you are dealing with. She had totally repressed everything...and then all at once it hit her like the ceiling was caving in. Luckily for her, she had very good insurance, and they covered whatever care she got.

    It took awhile of good mental treatment...and she is doing well now. So do remember that once you get help, you will start on the road to recovery. Can't change the past...can hopefully make you realize that nothing was your fault and that you can deal with this.

    If you ever want to talk more...don't hesitate to e-mail me. I am not a therapist...but I can listen anytime.....cece
    LisaJordan2010 replied to fibroinsd's response:
    Thanks Cece people like you are needed to be heard more in this world. Then more will realize others do care to listen.

    Thank you so much.

    WomanInBath responded:
    You do kinda come across as a drug seeker. You might try a different tactic with your Dr's.
    My Doctor told me about a medical marijuana clinic in Jackson, MI.
    I did not go but you might try looking in Jackson.
    Good luck to you and your mom. It's terrible to be in pain and have no one believe/listen to you, I know!!
    Doctors do not like being told what to do and they especially dont like it when you know more than they do.
    To get your medical records---simply request them. All Dr's offices carry request forms but you can hand write an authorization to send your recods anywhere you want.
    Hope this helps a little.
    LisaJordan2010 replied to WomanInBath's response:
    Thank you all for your help. I have done something I didn't think I could do and they helped. I called my health Insurance and told them what my Dr was doing since 2005 not giving me any type of pain relief. They were very understanding and now I have a Medical Manager and she will now be speaking for me. She will get me any medication I want and need.

    I am getting a back brace so I can do things around the house, and getting pain killers for the days I cant function.

    The issue that I have with most people is if you don't live in my body you have no idea what I need, No matter what my appearance may be or what I sound like. I have never been arrested, ticketed, pulled over, refilled when I wasn't suppose to, nor fought with a dr on what I should have.

    my insurance co said my dr office has made a habit out of not giving pain meds to patients.
    FrancesMary52 replied to LisaJordan2010's response:
    Time for a NEW DOCTOR!

    Even though you have state welfare, you pay for the service. Get service you are happy with.

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