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    Sleep Number Bed Question
    1cherokeedeb posted:
    My husband is actually thinking about getting us a sleep number bed. However, when doing some research on them, I found some people who were complaining about mold growing around the air chambers.

    I know some of you on here have those beds. Have you had any problems? Is there anything special you have to do to maintain them?

    Also, did it really make a difference in how you sleep and/or easing pain?

    Any info would sure be appreciated.


    doodlesnana responded:
    Hi debi
    I'm vicky welcome back, please do not buy this bed especially if you have constant pain.
    We bought on three years ago and lets see I sleep on the couch more than not and chris sleeps upstairs in the guest bed.
    I don't know about the mold but I will be checking thank you but we never could set it right because you move at night and my hips are bad so if I set the number for my hips I cant breath the next morning.
    If i ended up on my back and vice versa please check out the tempure pedic I hear from other pts will physical chronic pain and the love it also go to consumer complaints online that will help.
    Hope I helped some by the way I have a sleep by number bed if your interested lol
    Grampa_Bear responded:
    We have the sleep number, and have had it for a bit over a year now...WE LOVE IT! No problems with it here....we opted for dual controls, with the that we wouldn't loose them.

    One thing that you need to know is that when one person is adjusting their have to wait until they're done before you can adjust yours...otherwise, no problems here at all. I was worried that it might be hot to sleep on...not at all, and the fact that you can adjust it to suit is a big deal for us. We will often re-adjust the bed during the night if the need arises.

    Another thing...if you have your side really sure to pump it back up before you try to get out of bed...the sides can act like a wall and you could have a tough time getting out...learned that pretty quickly.

    We didn't get the base for it...we opted to use our box springs for it and it seems to work great. DO NOT buy the sheets/bed spreads, blankets, pillows or pillow cases that they offer....they're a money pit, and jack up the price tag greatly. Ours is Queen sized, and everything we have fits perfectly...if you need new sheets and stuff...go to Penny's or something to get them....not near as expensive as buying them from the Sleep Number folks. Fitted sheets, and top sheets all fit just fine (the ones we already had).

    1cherokeedeb responded:
    Well, thank you Vicky & Jim for your replies, only now I am confused more than ever! :)

    Vicky: I may take you up on the offer to sell yours :D ! LOL

    I really love the thought of being able to adjust my side of the bed to what would be more comfortable. BUT...I am very hesitant about spending so much money on something, and then not feel or sleep any better at all.

    I will share your responses with my Hubby & hopefully more people will respond with their opinions too.

    I do still have a question as far as maintenance. Is there anything in particular you have to do to keep it in good shape???

    Thanks again,
    Grampa_Bear replied to 1cherokeedeb's response:
    Not really...Mary likes to take the top off of it once in a while to run it through the Air Fluff setting on the dryer, to poof it up a little, it just unzips...otherwise, just changing it and making any other bed.

    Dollbug replied to 1cherokeedeb's response:
    Hello Debi.....MiMi in NC.....I can not help you on the sleep number.....since I do not have one....but my daughter has one...and she loves hers.....

    I sleep in a recliner....with pillows everywhere....there is something about me lying down which causes a breathing problem and spinal pain so that I have to sleep in my I like it? No....not really....but I love to limit my pain....and I do what it takes to feel better....

    I do know that some have tried the foam....which I also have....but it did not allow me to get more or better sleep than my recliner.....have you tried it? This would be a lot less than buying a new bed....

    I think this would be a wonderful questions about beds for Dr. P.....

    1cherokeedeb replied to Dollbug's response:
    Thanks MiMi,

    I already do the rounds: Bed, then recliner, then couch, then recliner, then bed. I can't seem to get comfortable anywhere long enough to actually get hours of sleep.

    That and me & my hubby would like to sleep together in our bed like "normal" people. :)

    That is why we were thinking about the sleep number with the dual controls.

    I think you might be right about asking Dr. P. I will post this question to him. Although, he has never responded to my previous post from over 2 weeks ago, so I won't really hold my breath on getting an answer. I think I read somewhere that he will only pick a couple of post that he KNOWS how to answer, so he don't get someone more confused than they already are. And my questions were very confusing. LOL

    doodlesnana replied to 1cherokeedeb's response:
    Hey debi the vicster here again, my cover does'nt come off so I have a hard time keeping it clean.

    Jims sound better and I'm glad that he gets a good night rest,It's so Important to sleep comfortly I believe the key to a better tomorrow is a good rest tonight.

    As for me I am going to buy a temper pedic bed when I am financially stable again.

    My darn neck has started burning real bad if I sit at the computer to long, so I will stop for now.

    Good luck debi I hope you find something soon.

    P.S. let me know if you want to buy my bed shipping is free
    Grampa_Bear replied to doodlesnana's response:
    Just for GPs....Lots of times, I wake up in the same position I was in when I went to tossing, no turning....just - gone and the next thing I know it's morning.

    1cherokeedeb replied to Grampa_Bear's response:
    Oooooh! Sounds Heavenly!!!!!!

    Grampa_Bear replied to 1cherokeedeb's response:
    Oh, in case I forgot to mention (probably didn't but you know how the fog goes)'s not hot to sleep on either. That's the one grump I had with the foam topper we had for years...I'd lay there and wind up throwing the covers off because I was too warm.

    witsend67 responded:
    Hello everyone. I am really learning a lot reading these exchanges.

    I thought I was the only one who "slept in the round" so to speak. My husband and I would really like to sleep together again too. I think it has been close to 5 years since I slept in bed with him for more than an hour or two every once in a GREAT while. My recliner is my main bed. I do bed surf most nights. I get such terrible "restlessness" not just in my leggs, I end up on the livingroom floor trying to gently stretch and move around. I hit the bed in my son's room. He is 12 and he sleeps with my husband most nights because I don't want to wake anyone up jumping from bed to chair to floor.

    I have heard that you either Love or Hate the sleep number bed. We have been going back and forth as to what bed we were going to get and we finally put a Posturepdic one on lay-away. It adjusts at the feet and the head like a hospital bed and it actually has a vibrating massage. It is going to take a while to pay this off because it is quite expensive ($3600), but I layed on it in the store for about 15-20 minutes in the same position and I have to admit, the pain I felt when I first layed down went away. The bed adjusts as your body temp warms it up and felt great. Whether it will work for me long term ???? I guess I can only pray. If it doesn't, I will be investing in a new recliner as this one is squeeking and groaning from too much use.

    Good luck in your bed search.

    God Bless,
    1cherokeedeb replied to witsend67's response:
    Thanks Wit. Good luck with your new bed. Keep us posted.

    An_198805 responded:
    Hi Debi,
    We LOVE our sleep number... I don't understand how those people got mold..they must have a damp house. I actually sleep through the night. It is so good. It has made a positive difference.
    An_198806 replied to witsend67's response:
    Wow- mine wasn't that expensive! I bought it on QVC a queen for no more than $1,200. Maybe you need to check some other place. IT is worth 3,600. but I bet you could get it for less.

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