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Hot Stone Massage
LoriBasting posted:
I want to purchase stones and oils for Hot Stone Massages for me and my husband. Does anyone know where I can purchase these kind of items? Any suggestions?
Socialwrkr responded:
This is the site my massage therapist uses. I don't know if it's the cheapest or best, just know it's what she uses!

Have fun!
Wolfsong452 responded:

on the hot stone massage, I can remember at one time when they made me feel good.

now, they make me feel worse.

BamaNik responded:
I had a hot stone massage last year and the stones were heated in a crock pot. I laughed and asked was that really a crock pot and she was like, yeah it works great and does the same thing as stone warmer. (the fancy stone warmer was broken)

She also said you can use any smooth rocks. So go looking around your yard and throw them in your crock pot and youve got a hot stone massge for free!! Just supply the oil

mamawrobyn replied to BamaNik's response:
Sounds great to me!

flowerc13 responded:
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that i go thru Mind,Body and Spriit, dont know if you would be interested, but if so i will give you the website to go to. right off hand i dont have it infront of me. have a great day! Liz
LoriBasting replied to flowerc13's response:
Hi Liz, I can try to google it. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

I went to the craft store and bought a bag of flat smooth stones...

I am going to try the crockpot idea since I have a small one I don't use anymore...I have a bottle of Aromatherapy massage oil from Bath and Body works...Black Currant Vanilla - I love the smell!!

So I am gonna give this a try, I will remember what Wolfsong wrote and just give this a try on my legs. They just burn and ache so much! My ankles and the tops of my feet are hurting a lot lately, I seem to notice when I am lying in bed relaxing, my legs and feet are tensed with my feet pointing up stretching into position! I dont even notice it until I want to go to sleep and I have to force my feet to relax! Grrrrr!

Thank to all!
I will let you know how this works for us!
dollbug replied to LoriBasting's response:
Hello Lori.....MiMi in how are things going for you at work......I wondered about this....I do hope you are doing ok...

I hope your stones help.....I have one of these....but I do not use mine much....the stones are really BIG....I got mine at Kohl's one year after Christmas sale.....

I can not say that they really helped me.....but I probably did not use them enough to really know.....kinda a hassle to heat them and then use them....or it was for me....I hope they work for you though...

Take care and good luck...


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