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    doodlesnana posted:
    Good tuesday morning to all this morning, I hope everyone had a good nights rest of course I was up all night again, sleeping yesterday did not help i'm sure.

    I have to stay awake today so I can sleep tonight even if I have to take a sleeping pill and I hate taking them.

    Well just wanted to say hi, hope everyone had a great day.

    alispazz responded:
    Good morning to you to...

    Don't you just hate it when our systems get all out of wack, I went thru the night day switch a couple of years ago and hubby had to watch me like a hawk for a day so I did not sleep during the day away and stay up all night.

    Sometimes even now I rest so little and it seems like it is easier to take a nap during the day than to struggle through till normal bed time.

    Hope you have a good day... and remember eyes open so you can sleep tonight.

    CORYSGIRL30 responded:
    Morning from Canada~

    Still rainy and now humid, although temps are low 40's. Been up since 3am...

    Tomorrow is my monthly doc appointment so I'm gathering my thoughts today.
    TCL38 responded:
    Morning FMily

    The wind started howling last night around 11:30 p.m and then it didn't take long for ice pellets (not snow) to start hitting the windows. I was already in an onery mood and that did not help. I woke up to grey skies and a rain snow mix. I'm already in the midst of the worst depression/anxiety attack day since I started taking Cymbalta and grey skies and crappy weather are not helping my mood at all this morning. I seriously need to get out of my own head. I am my worst enemy sometimes. Talking with my mother last night, who is mentally ill, was NOT the best idea either. She was "off" and it just makes me angry/depressed. I have got to snap myself out of this.

    Grampa_Bear replied to TCL38's response:
    Hi Tanya and crew...yep, Momma Nature sure seems to be having a hissy fit lately. We had the high winds, and now freezing temps at night, OK had all those tornadoes, now you have gray, cold weather.

    I'm almost ashamed to say that we've got this bright, shiny 'thingie' in the sky today...still dang cold for the middle of May, but my Hibiscus plant has a bunch of buds on it (YAY!! I transplanted something and DIDN'T manage to kill it!!...Yep, WE BE BAD...WE BE BAD :goofy: ).

    I picked up some plant food for it, and will try to get out there today to give it a snack to see if I can help it along...Now, I'll probably kill it :eyeroll:

    The "Boss" got home last night in good order, a little earlier than expected, Petey nearly self-destructed because he was happy to see her, the cats were happy and bugging her...actually getting into fist-fights on her lap because each one wanted to be sitting there on her lap...dopes.

    She liked her little goodies I did for her, and her gifts, today is our 36th anniversary, and she's off to see the Chiro to see if he can get her neck feeling like it belongs to a human again.

    Hang in there...remember, "Living Well (even if you're faking it) is the Best Revenge"

    Dollbug responded:
    Morning FMily.......MiMi in NC.....where it is cloudy today....expecting showers in some has drizzled a bit here already.....and it is cool.....this weather is so off what it is normally like this time of the year.....last week it was hot hot summer months...and now it is like fall...

    I got one of those upside down tomato plant hanging basket and my husband fixed me a teepee like support to hang in up on....we put it out back and I hope the birds do not get to it....I do like good homegrown we will see what happens with this.

    I have flowers also....and I am not sure that are liking the adjustable temps that we are having.

    Here is hoping everyone has a nice no/low pain day....I hope some of you will have some sun...because I do not think we will have it here...

    MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA and my FMily too...

    Take care..

    teddybear200 responded:
    Hello from WI where it is raining again, will rain straight through until Friday.

    This weather plays horrible things on our bodies, sleepless nights and painful days. Thanks to my PLMD my nightly foot cramps are affecting me before bed and lingering longer in the AM's. I do not like this weather at all.

    I am getting ready to go for my health and physical for my surgery. Since I am having blood work I'll have her check my Potassium, Vit D and Magnesium.
    fibroinsd responded:
    Love the new picture doodlesnana ! Both very cute !

    I am up. Going to go get my mom and do some errands. She needs to get something for my dad for his birthday this Friday.

    So me, and my new little spot in my eye...(see other post)....will be heading out shortly.

    It is cool and they say we might get rain. There isn't suppose to be rain this late in the year here...


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