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SIck and Tired of Being Sick and Tired
elizabeth1304 posted:
Hi FMily
I haven't been on for awhile but I know exactly where to come when the walls are caving in.
I am in so much pain, take so many meds, and just about to lose it! I have tried everything and over the past 14 years I believe I have tried EVERYTHING! I am preparing for another neck surgery that has nothing to do with FM. I takes my body forever to heal from the fusions.
Just needed to vent! Thanks for listening.
Anjl26 responded:
<soft hugs> Sorry you are having a rough day.
alispazz responded:

Hang in there I know its tuff, seems like everyone is having a hard time right now...So many hurting and tired of pain and fatigue...All any of us can do is go day to day.


cattlebarroness09 responded:
Glad you came today. I had 2 fusions done many years ago and they are not fun but we do heal from them eventually.

Take it one day at a time, that helps me when I am in a lot of pain, also be good to yourself while you pace yourself. You know the things to do, sometimes we just need to be reminded of them.

Shar in Tx.
pocotaz responded:

You are allowed to vent here-- and i am sure you are also nervous about having another surgery -- i am sorry you are hurting so much-- after awhile it does get to you .

All of us need to take time for just us--we forget to do that and we end up hurting more-- the stress from knowing what this surgery intails will just add to you pain-- maybe if you can find something to keep your mind occupied until it's time to go in for surgery--

Plant some flowers or meet up with a family memeber of friend for lunch -- stroll in the park if you're able-- but try to make it something that allows you to feel calm.

I offer hugs and prayers and i do hope you can feel better -- you are safe here so if you need to scream t feel better than do it-- o.k.

doodlesnana responded:
Hi elizabeth 1304

I am so sorry to hear about your pain and about your up coming sx.

I am starting to believe that everything goes hand in hand with FM at some point.

I will pray for a speedy recovery.

And you are always welcomed whether you need soft hugs or to vent we are here for you.

soft huggies

debra03 responded:
hey beth,
i haven't been on in forever either! this new format is crazy. that may tell you how long it's been since i've been on. lol

i was diagnosed when i was 23, 24, can't remember exactly, it became an inside joke on here for me to ask for a bus to be sent my way and to run me over. some days i feel like i'd feel lots better if a bus would hit me and just keep on goin. i know it must not feel great to have to heal, but if the surgery is what's best, then that's something you gotta do.
hope everything goes good with the surgery. and hoping the healing process is quick and easy!


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