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doodlesnana posted:
Hi Fmiliy

HOpe everyone had a good tuesday and I hope wednesday starts out stress and pain free.

Well I have a littlle situation here and would like advice please.

My mother-in-law lives in texas and recently has been calling and It's quite obvious that her dementia is getting worse and here boyfriend although they've been together 25yrs.

Weve heard from dhs brother that he thinks moms fine and shes putting on airs yes hes a dumb as_, so I have decided to go to texas and see mom for myself, now dh does'nt like the idea because she does'nt recognize me on the phone but I don't care I love this women and If there is the slightes chance that she will recognize me then Its worth It.

Dh is worried about me being able to take care of myself while I'm there however I don't see that as a problem and I know that gene (boyfriend) could use a break and her other kids won't help.

So what do you think?

Thanks for your opinion It means alot to me.

Take care Fmily

Hugs to all

jojodance responded:
As the Bible says - "Love never fails". It sounds like you discern a need and I think you should follow your loving instinct to go see about her. You won't be sorry and she will probably really enjoy your visit. You will both benefit.

pocotaz responded:
Hi Vicky,

I try not to give advice in a situation like this.. thisis something you have to search within your heart and find your own answer.. Not what you may have wanted to hear --but i believe that if one follows there heart then it is the right thing to do.

In a situation such as this -- i would sit down and write the pros and cons of going and then if one list outways the other-- i go with that.

Good luck with whatever YOU decide...

Hugs.... Linda

P.S. she is lucky to have you -- so sweet to be thinking of her.
Tany84 replied to jojodance's response:
I ditto Jojo. What part of TX? I live in north central.
larmarus responded:

I can't advise you what to do other than follow your heart. I understand so well as I am in a similar situation. Remember you are stronger than you think you are--you deal with this monster every day--so I know you are.

Soft Hugs----------Marianne
annette030 responded:
This is a decision that you have to make, but if your husband doesn't like the idea and it is his mother, you should really think through the whole thing. Discuss it thoroughly with your husband before you go. He may have other concerns that he has not mentioned to you, hoping that you would honor his feelings and just not go.

How long you have been married and whether or not Gene agrees to you coming make a difference too.

There is a lot to consider. Her dementia didn't happen over night, and she has had a man living with her for 25 years, so I suspect this is not an emergent situation.

Take care, Annette

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