Bells Palsey
jojodance posted:
Good Morning - I am truly learning alot about what has been going on all along with my body such as headaches, dizziness and being unstable, fogginess, costrocondritis. I also had a bout of Bells Palsey and I was wondering if there is a connection or is this just something that happen along the way?

pocotaz responded:
Hi JoJo,

My father had Bells Palsy and he doesn't have FM-- so i am not sure or i wouldn't tend t think that it would be related to FM.

It was weird to for him--he just woke up one day and the whole right side of his face drooped--made him nervous but he was DX'd with this.. the area around his eye is still kind of droopy.. never went back.

I hope you can get some relief from all you are ahving to go through--but my guess is no it is not related to FM.

Socialwrkr responded:
hi JoJo

I've never read of a connection between the two. The good part about Bell's Palsy is while it's scary at first, it rarely becomes permanent and a majority of folks never have another "attack".

Take care!!!
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Anjl26 responded:
I've never read of a connection between the two. Just an unfortumate coincidence. I hope you recover quickly.
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