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Fibro and Swelling????
Bedilya posted:
I am very new to the boards, and have read conflicting information on the internet regarding this topic. Is swelling a symptom of Fibro, or is the swelling a seperate issue? I do get a lot of swelling in my joints, and around them. Especially my right ankle. It sometimes hurts so bad it's like a sprain/strain and I can't put much weight on it. My hands, fingers and toes do too. (Not to mention all the numbness and tingling.. but that's for another discussion. hehe)

My mother has sero negative RA (meaning it does not show up in her blood test), and while I have been tested everything comes up negative. This was the initial reason for me seeing the Rheumy, and he was the one to lean toward Fibro. I have only seen him twice so he hasn't gotten to addressing the swelling.


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If you or someone you care for has Fibro, do you/they have painful swelling in or around their joints?
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Bedilya responded:
My fog got the best of me, and the first answer isn't articulated quite right. I meant for it to be "I think the swelling and pain is related, but my doctor hasn't confirmed it."
I have no idea how to edit/ delete and try again. So please accept this as my edit.

alispazz responded:

Many of us have swelling around joints...for me it is in my left foot...and yes I get then numbness and tingling...Sometimes I feel swollen but if you check it out it is not as much as you might think...One of Neuro's explanations is that it is a part of FM...but my PCP thinks it has to be due to female issues and water retention....I personally think it is the FM...Right now my left hand is swollen and it hurts right along with the rest of my left side...while the right seems to be fine.
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Dollbug replied to Bedilya's response:
Hello Bedilya and welcome to our FMily......MiMi in NC....I was cursed with the wrath of the dragon in 2005.....I started having hand issues (eventually with both of them) and I have had 6 hand surgeries, 3 on each....there are days when my hands feel really swollen....but they do not "look" swollen....fingers as well....I also have major knee problems (both knees) had a knee accident back in the 80's at the Atlanta Airport....and again there are days when my knees feel swollen but they do not look swollen....

I have read a lot of things about FM and I do not remember seeing this to be a I can not answer your question....

But I did want to encourage you to ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level....if you have not already done is a simple blood test but so very important for us FMers....and you MUST ASK the doctor to run it...

Low Vitamin D can cause some of us additional pain....and as I am sure you already know....we FMers do not need anything else to deal with....

I have learned how to "control my FM pain" by taking vitmains and supplements.....this trial and error process took a very long time....but I figured out just what my body needs...there are times when I do have to tweak things to "trick" my body....which works good for that the vitamins and supplements will continue to work....I take magnesium and malate combination supplement, (this is found at vitamin store) Omegas, (I take fish oil, krill oil and salmon oil) Vitamin D supplement, Calcium and Super B Complex, plus I do have other medical issues....but these are the ones that help my FM pain the most...

Now I do want to explain something....I am not painfree nor do I expect to be....but I am so much better than I was in the beginning of the ugly dragon rearing its head and wrapping its tail around me....there are no overnight fixes....even taking vitamins and supplements takes at least 6-8 weeks to get the full potential of them in our system....

I would also encourage you to read the posts under Tips and Resources which you can find to the right of this page....some very good information....especially "Member toolbox" and "nutrition and vitamins"....there are good tools and tips on things that you may want to try that may help you cope better with FM....

We are all different and what helps one may or may not help another....but you never know until you try new things....

I hope you will hang out here....we have a unique support group and Dr. P who will also answer questions....(just put Dr P in the subject line so Caprice, our moderator, will get it to him)....Dr P has been a wonderful asset to our group since he is a doctor who has FM he knows what we go through and understands what we face each and every day...

Post when you can, ask questions, make comments or suggestions....I am sure that you will be blessed with learning new things to try...

Take care and good luck...

jojodance responded:
Hi Bedilya - I have knee and hand swelling (all of my knuckles). I am pretty sure this swelling is due to FM. I have swelled up from medication (not the same), I have swelled up from high blood pressure (not the same). I had to go to the ER and have my wedding rings removed and believe me I tried everything. I also have learned more here at this sight than any doctor. I feel very informed and confident for my next visit so that he can serve me and look me in my eyes and here what I have to say. If he can't do that (I'm paying him), I will find someone who will. You must be your own advocate if you don't want FM to run your life.

Anjl26 responded:
From everything I've read, swelling is not considered a symptom of FM at this time. FM does not cause inflammation, which is often the reason for the swelling.

Other possible culprits are heart issues, peripheral vascular insuffiency (issues with the blood vessels), too much salt and/or carbs in your diet, being on your feet too long... and this is only a few of the possibilities.

Have you tried compression stockings? Put them on in the morning, while the swelling is the least, and it keeps the fluid from pooling in your feet through the day.

Elevate your feet when possible. They have to be above the level of the heart for it to be useful. So, while lying on the couch or in bed, put a couple of pillows under your feet/lower legs.
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Tabby2382 responded:

I did find this that talks about swelling with FM I know I have read it somewhere else as well, if I find it I will send it to you. Hope this helps. Tabatha
Bedilya replied to Tabby2382's response:

Thank you so much for the link! My mother and I had just been talking about that "sensation" of swelling, but no visable signs. One of her Dr.'s explained it as the ligaments swelling, which she was told is more of a squeezing effect than a puffing up, even though they feel the same and are equally painful. That link validates that line of thinking.

MagPrincess replied to Bedilya's response:

My swelling is in my hands and my feet to th point that my rings do not come off any more.

The way I had it explained to me is that the more muscle spams going on the more swelling that you get as a result of muscle issues

I have had this issue from rings, shoes that fit stop fitting, pants that fit don't' any more. my weight was maintaining and i was exercising.

I do know that taking 7,5 meloxicam at bedtime and then again when i woke up was HUUUGE help
Tabby2382 replied to Bedilya's response:
You may have already checked this site out, but it has helped me understand alot. It explains why this happens and how it feels because sometimes the site will just say bladder issues t his one goes into more details and said that most common complaint is about rengs not fitting due to swelling. Maybe you have already checked it out but I love it.

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