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Relaxing weather
pnaturegirl posted:
Oh family,

Today has been much like yesterday in Ohio and cool and evenings like fall even but so nice out there!!

No jobs today, I actually did some light weeding in flower bed and relaxed out in backyard and read a book while fur babies frolicked in yard.

Could sleep with windows open and have been giving a/c a break and airing house out before het wave returns again!

Found out the big guy in Toledo never got any faxes from my cardio and did not know who the heck I was even?

So, I took matter into my own hands and made a contact sheet up with general info and family doc and cardio office and a few records I had and faxed it myself!

Waited a hour and guess what, At least it worked and I am on th elist for a years wait but at least on it?

This is what I have learned through this whole process, You gotta be pro active for yourself, Through researching etc..

I chuckle to myself, I called the leading heart hospital in Dayton area and they never heard of Dysautonomia???????????????????

It can get frustrating indeed and that is so why whether it is that of Fibro that we keep learning all we can ourselves!

Take Care,
Penny :wink:
Fear is a most effective tool in killing the soul of a indivual and a people.
fibroinsd responded:
so glad you are so could be waiting for years for other people to do stuff...hang in there..and I hope the weather holds...They showed some mighty strong storms somewhere around there yesterday.

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
krb005 responded:
Hi Penny!
You're not the only one enjoying the Ohio weather today!
If it were up to me it would be like this all year round!

Yeah for making it on the list! Being pro - active for yourself is great. Not just with Dr.s though. Sometimes you gotta stick up for yourself with just about everyone at one time or another!

Hang in there!
Warm thoughts & soft hugs
CORYSGIRL30 responded:
Hi Penny!

I'm thinking ALL the docs out there are a tad...kookoo?? You've had to wait and persist, push and prod for so long...I hope this doc steps up for you!!!

Miss you!
pnaturegirl responded:
Miss ya to Julie! :wink:
Fear is a most effective tool in killing the soul of a indivual and a people.

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