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Fibro Flare?
jojodance posted:
Even though I have been having symptoms that led up to my being in pain and extremly fatiguied. I have been in this condition since December and there are not many changes on a daily basis. I notice that some people speak of a flare as if it is different from the daily misery. Can someone please tell me the difference if there is one. I am hurting and exausted right now and have just been laying around. When I get up and I am able to go somewhere it really a big deal for me.

Anjl26 responded:
Well, everyone has different degrees of symptoms. My best explaination of a flare is an acute increase in your smyptoms, above whatever degree/level of symptoms you usually have.

I have to tell you, laying around is absolutely the worst thing you can do. The more you are still, the stiffer your muscles become, the more it hurts, so the less you move... it's a viscious cycle that you have to break.

Stretch, move around the house, walk to the mailbox and back. Gradually add activity back into your day. You'll feel better for it in the long run. Just my opinion.
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JodieAnneK responded:
First of all, are you under a doctor's care? There are several meds that can make life much easier. Not every med works the same and they can cause side effects. I am not able to Lyrica because it causes problems with my speach and word choice,I am taking Cymbalta right now. It has done a lot to decrease my FM symptoms. I am currently having a "flare". For me that means that all of my FM symptoms are bad eventhough I am on my meds. It's been going on for about a week. Please get up and get moving! I am a Second grade teacher and it keeps me moving. I have the worst time when I am inactive.

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