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MRI shows abnormal fluid on hip
kate20770 posted:
Hello FMily,

I haven't posted in quite some time, but I still stay on here to keep up with what's going on, when I can. But this is something I am just dying to know if anyone has experience with here. I've been having terrible hip pain, only in my left hip, for the last 9 months, at least, to the point that I can not sleep on it or walk normally. So I finally got my Rhuemy to take a MRI of it, after all of my drs chalking it up to FM forever, when it just has never felt like FM to me, not this pain. So I finally got the results from Rhuemy today and he says everything showed normal except, a abnormal amount of fluid in the hip. So I'm thinking it means "inside" the hip joint? He explained to me that he did not know enough about this to give me info on it, that he was going to contact the bone specialist that looked over the MRI to see what his suggestion is, but that most likely I will need another MRI and then if the fluid is still present (which the pain is still the same) then they will need to go in and extract some of the fluid to determine the cause. The extra added on here is that I've been running a low grade fever for almost 3 months now as well. It started off just when I would eat something, I'd spike a fever of 101 and it would go away after a hour or so, but now I get a low grade fever on and off all day long, no matter what I'm doing. So I'm stressing now thinking could this be an infection that's just been sitting on my hip, and even more so, is still sitting on my hip?? I'm just looking for any info on what could cause this, I've searched and searched and can't find anything about it, which of course raises the anxiety levels even more. Thanks for any input in advance, I really appreciate it! I don't have anyone that understands what I go through around me, so it gets beyond frustrating, and the frustration only surges the FM, it's a terrible cycle.
Anjl26 responded:
Ortho is really not my specialty. My first thought reading was bursitis, but that's only a guess and may not be a good one at that.

Unfortunately, you'll likely have to wait to hear back from the doctors to find out anything for sure. Try not to worry too much though. Worrying accomplishes nothing and makes us feel worse. Put those destress/ relaxation techniques to work.
Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect. It means you decide to see beyond the imperfections. hugs Sharon
kate20770 replied to Anjl26's response:
Thanks, that's what we thought at first before the MRI as well, we tried a xray and a shot of cortisone, but it seemed to only make it worse, which is when they sent me for the MRI. It was weird as well that after the MRI was over, I needed help off the table as I was not able to bend my back and I needed a wheelchair to get me back to my room where my belongings were. It took about 10 minutes and the pain subsided enough and the muscle relaxed enough that I could move again. I try not to worry too much, I know it doesn't accomplish anything, I just wish such questions weren't left unanswered after an appointment, he made it seem very abnormal and concerning, but then didn't seem rushed to get it taken care of? Thanks for the input
aka1981 replied to kate20770's response:
I am curious to know what you found out. I have had hip and leg swelling along with pain in my left hip now. I have had numerous xrays and mri on my back and sacrum and now they are doing one on my hip. My lower left side, hip and leg stay swollen and have been that way for over a year now. At times it "flares" up and the swelling gets even worse and the pain is almost unbearable. I am hoping to get some answers soon but so far no luck.
jillwimmersbloom replied to aka1981's response:
I have also been experiencing pain in my left hip. I dont have any advice but wish you luck in getting a diagnosis

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