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    Fibro, Arthritis, Fatigue and working
    An_198881 posted:
    I'm new at this post and want to know how you help to reduce your pain besides narcotics, exercise (walking, yoga, & stretching) and I'm on 150 mg Lyrica, 60 mg Cymbalta per day, aspirin + 2700 mg Fish Oil & Vitamin D? I have been in Physical Therapy numerous times and a month ago I stopped going after 9 months of it, because I can do the exercises that they show me, plus I don't want to run out of my 30 per year under insurance. I work 40 hours a week and have no life because I am so tired at night and on weekends. Thanks in advance for any helpful tips you can provide. Jane in pain
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Great question and I am sure others will be chiming in here with their feedback.

    Welcome here, Jane. :-)
    Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you'll help them to become what they are capable of becoming. ~Goethe
    Dollbug responded:
    Hello Jane and welcome.....sorry that you are having so much to deal with.....but I am glad that you have found this unique support group....I do not understand how you are able to work 40 hours and I can definitely understand why you do not have a life otherwise....I have not worked since 2005 when I was layed off....

    I hope you will check out the Tips and Resources to the right of this will find a lot of good info....especially review the member toolbox....this is a post by some of our own members here who have tried and found some good "tools and tips" that help them cope better with the wrath of the dragon, aka FM....and also the nutrition and vitamins....

    I have learned how to "control my FM pain" by taking vitamins and supplements....I take magnesium and malate combination supplement (Vitamin Store) Omegas, Super B Complex, Vitamin D, Calcium plus I also have multiple health issues....but these are the ones which help me the most....I noticed you take Vitamin D supplement....but did you get your Vitamin D level checked by your doctor....and do you think you are taking enough....low Vitamin D can cause a lot of us additional pain...

    I also use hot showers with lavender bath salts in a stopped up drain at night right before bedtime, which helps my body to relax....heating pad, stopain spray (Walmart) and trying to eat healthy....

    I hope you will post often, ask questions, make comments or suggestions....

    Take care and good luck...

    powelln replied to Dollbug's response:
    Mimi, Thanks for the reply and I saw where you use many vitamins and minerals too. So you do not have to take Lyrica, neurotin or Cymbalta? I would love to get off Lyrica. Sounds like you have things under control.
    Dollbug replied to powelln's response: the only prescription medicine I take is Prestiq for depression.....that is all....I do have muscles relaxers but I hardly ever have to take them either....I do have my FM pain under if only I could fix the fatigue....but the doctor tells me there is nothing to help with this...but I continue to research it and try new things all the time...

    It took me a very long time to figure out just what my body needs...and I have had to tweak things order to keep the vitamins and supplements is possible....and I am sure that you will also find something to help I say....we FMers must keep on keeping on....
    until we figure it out....

    Take care and good luck...

    jroseland responded:

    I've found good results from taking Wellbutrin. It doesn't help my pain levels, but it does give me more energy and focus. I don't know if you can take it with Cymbalta.

    Exercise has also helped me with energy and has provided some pain relief. But I found I have to do high intensity interval training to get the energy benefit. I do 45-60 minutes on an elliptical with alternating resistance. But in order to exericise like that, I have to use narcotics, as needed. And although it helps pain and stiffnes in my neck and shoulders, it can definitely make my legs and lower back hurt more.

    Also, most of us do not get restorative sleep and have to take something to help with that, too. I take melatonin and while I still sleep too light and am often tired, I think it does help.

    Hope you find something that works!
    Anjl26 replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Vit D is great, but also calcium, magnesium and B complex. Mimi has a good cocktail going that works well for her too.

    Lots of heat.. hot soaks, heating pad, creams like Biofreeze and Stoppain. It sounds like pacing and stress reduction would be helpful too. Check out the Members Toolbox. You may find some new ideas there.

    I don't take daily medication for FM either, such as Lyrica, Cymbalta, Savella etc. Tramadol, Flexeril and Ambien when I need it. Vitamins, stretching, pacing etc help me through much of the time, the meds when it gets to be too much.
    Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect. It means you decide to see beyond the imperfections. hugs Sharon
    thoch5 responded:
    Hi--I feel what you are going through--for muscle strength and energy to help with the fatigue and pain: Magnesium Malate
    I purchase these through took only 2 weeks for electricity pain to be gone. I had real loose stools but Dr said to take after 1 after each meal. My boyfriend takes these but it does not bother his stools at all. I tried the P T but I got worse--I know everyone reacts differently. Water therapy works best for me. Good Look
    Evangeline22 responded:
    Lately I have been turning on my SAD light (for seasonal
    affective disorder). On cloudy days, I leave it on about 6 to
    9 feet from where I am working. I don't look directly into the
    light because that gives me headaches. The extra light
    keeps my energy levels higher. During the summer, it also
    helps me to sit outside and relax (read) Keeping up on
    pool therapy also helps. Since there are a lot of other
    people dealing with chronic pain in the pool, it is also a
    good time to talk to someone who has been there, done
    that, but without dwelling on the negative.
    ESJA56 responded:
    Sorry to hear that you suffer. I've been diagnosed 18 months now so I am still trying to find what works. I'm currently using Cymbalta 60mg & 2000 iu of vitamin D daily. It has cut down on some of the pain but you still can't touch me without it hurting. My grandchildren still hurt me with their playing and sitting on me. I'm always tired and I have to nap to get me through the day. I can't work. You are lucky you can work. I've been walking and although it feels good, I seem to hurt a bit more in my lower back. I take Arthritis Strength Tylenol to help when the pain gets really bad or Flexeril when I can't take it anymore. Flexeril makes me sleep so I try not to take it. I have sleep issues from the pain too. I'm still searching & now I will watch this forum to see if anyone has had better luck. I will share should I find something. Good Luck and oh yeah, the arthritis on top of that does not help. I've had to have arthritis surgery twice now. It's never ending in my world.
    Nangr replied to ESJA56's response:
    I am from Canada and I take Robax. That helps me sleep as it has muscle relaxors in it. I also take amitrtyline 50 mg at bedtime. I am going to ask for it to be cut though as I am really foggy in the morning and it takes me a bit to get going. I have pain all the time and I work full time, as I am single and have to pay my bills. My feet are the worst with the pain (but have all over pain also) and has been that way for many years. I have only been diagnosed for about a year now but they figure I have had it for many years. I also take calcium, vitamin d, and garlic. I really don't think that I would smoke pot as then I would fall over also as I have bad balance. Any other ideas out there keep em coming.............
    Pourspelling replied to ESJA56's response:
    I'm new to this but I wanted to share my struggle with FM. I am 21 yrs old and was diagnosed last October but the pain started last May. I'm currently on Lyrica (100mg 3x a day), Soma (350mg 3x a day), and Oxycontin (20mg 2x a day). I hate taking all of these because they all make me tired and the Oxycontin makes me really nauseous. But I'm also taking Adderall XR for ADD which helps with the fatigue but it can make me feel worn out physically, it used to seem to make the pain worse but it doesn't seem to do that anymore. But I've been searching to find alternatives. I'm taking Vit. D/ Calcium/ Magnesium supplements (can't remember the dosage in them), and I have noticed a difference since I started them but they still don't help enough to get me off the narcotics. I also take 5-HTP, which seems to make a minor difference but I haven't been taking it for very long either. I also take Fish Oil pills too but I haven't noticed any difference since I started taking those, but I take them anyway. I also take Glucosamine/ Chondroitin/ MSM supplements which actually do help but then again I have arthritis too (I know, it's crazy since I'm only 21), but they only found it in my neck and it seems to help the joint pain that I get elsewhere too. But my doctor thinks I may have arthritis in other places as well too. I used to take Sam-e but it was too expensive and I didn't notice enough of a difference to continue it but my acupuncturist wants me to start taking it again. She also suggested several other herbs, supplements, and foods to add to my diet which I will share as soon as I find the paper she gave me because I can't remember what they were. I've also been making sure to walk around 3 - 5 miles every evening because that helps loosen my muscles but I can't do any strenuous activity because it hurts way too much. I'm starting physical therapy soon but I'm not too excited by that, I really hate physical therapy. I've also been looking into biofeedback and desensitization therapy, those might be something to consider for anyone that's interested. Acupuncture may be helpful as well but I haven't noticed a difference yet, but I've only been to 3 sessions so far and I've been told that you have to go to at least 6 before you really see any difference. Acupressure might help loosen the muscles too but warn anyone going that direction - it hurts! It's like a super intense massage where they press REALLY hard but when I tried it before I felt like crap for a day afterward but then great after that. I've also heard about Myotherapy, which is trigger point therapy. I think they just kind of press on your trigger points and its supposed to loosen it or something, I still have some research to do to understand it.
    I've been through a million different medications (Savella, Cymbalta, Tramadol, Flexeril, Skelaxin, Lexapro, Tylenol 3, Perocet, Topamax, Lidoderm patches, Duragesic patches, I can't remember what else), and I've tried all of those muscle creams and patches like Biofreeze, Tigerbalm and a bunch others. However the one muscle cream that worked the best without stinging like the menthol and capazacian ones was this Arnica gel that I found at Giant (Arnicare). It works really well I just have to reapply like every hour or two so I might go get some Arnica pills from a natural food store because that might help.
    Anyway let me know what else has worked for other people because I'm always up to try something new that may help. And I wont forget to reply later with the info from my acupuncturist once I find that paper. Thanks<3
    CORYSGIRL30 replied to Nangr's response:
    Hi there,

    I'm also from Canada (MB). Robax(asa) & Robaxacet(tylenol) do not work for me...I take Flexeril instead.

    Nangr~the amitryptiline~have you tried taking it at an earlier time during the evening? Like at dinner time? I have been on that as well and taking it earlier lessens the grogginess in the a.m.

    The *pot~You do not actually have to smoke the stuff. There's a man-made synthetic called nabilone which is made to act like pot. It's in pill form, a prescrip from the doc. Had no effect whatsoever on me.

    Tramacet~a mix of tramadol & tylenol, pill form. Makes you sleepy...

    Magnesium/malic acid supplement....

    Try Jamieson brand vitamins/supplements called Total Energy. Has bee pollen in it which boosts energy and is good for the immune system. Done that too...

    I also take Naproxen 500mg x 4 per day. Vit D supplement. Vitamin brand Quest has a Super Once-a-Day multivitamin, which is the most potent multi I have found up available at my Walmart. I need a potent multi or I drag on the floor...

    Muscle Mist (Cdn product) peppermint oil & menthol spray...

    Try Effexor XR instead of Cymbalta. Same SNRI family of drugs. I take 300mg. My Pain Specialist approved it as well. Cymbalta made my brain swell so bad the whites of my eyes were bright red, & I couldn't hold up my head.

    Warm water physical therapy in serious moderation...(long story, we won't go there!)

    I've tried physio, acupuncture, light massage therapy...Saw a Naturopath...

    L.I.L.T. therapy~ Low Intensive Laser Therapy (look it up online) 6" x 8" pads of low-intensity lasers directly on skin. Doesn't hurt, can't feel it. Kinda boring to sit there...Covered under massage therapy on benefit plan.

    Paid out-of-pocket to see a nurse practitioner at the local University. She works with docs at the Mayo Clinic-Rochester.

    List goes on....
    Pourspelling replied to Pourspelling's response:
    I also wanted to mention that I have found that the main ingredient in cough medication (dextromethorphan) actually was the most successful medication to reduce my pain. I realized that when I was taking Mussinex for a bad cough and I bought the extra strength one (60mg of Dextromethorphan in each pill) and I noticed that my pain would drastically improve everytime I took it. Since I work at a medical library I did some research and found that there are a number of clinical studies that confirmed my suspicion. But in order to notice a difference you have to take a dose that is higher than the normal dosage in cough meds (usually anywhere from 60mg to 120mg), and start out low because it might mess you up a little bit at first but my body got used to it pretty fast and that went away. I found that alternating between Mussinex Maximum Strength and Delsum worked because you don't want to overdo it with the Mussinex because it has another active ingredient as well. When I figured this out I told my boss about it because she has FMS too and she actually told me that her pain management doctor had put her on the same regime that I described above. I thought that was even cooler since most people don't know this at all (including doctors), and it only confirmed even more what I figured out on my own. But just a warning, it can get expensive buying those medications all the time, and they can make you a little nauseous (some people more than others), so don't take it on an empty stomach. Let me know what anyone else thinks or if they tried this too. If anyone wants me to email them some of the medical articles I found about this I can do that too.
    Sultryh responded:
    I'm new at this post also; however I think I can assist in some way. I also work 40 hours per week and often experience pain mostly in the morning and late afternoons which makes it difficult to work. I experience anxiety and restlessness along with headaches because I'm so tired and in so much pain. I have to make myself participate in going out to dinner with friends. Chiropractic care helps because they often perform some physical therapy and massages. I find swedish massages to be the most helpful in alleviating pain as well as muscle pain relieving gel Biofreeze. Drink lots of water and take warm baths with epison salt. That helps relax the muscles and relieve some anxiety and pain. I've also changed my diet to include more vegetables and fruit as well as fish. I also do muscle strengthening exercises which may cause a little pain at first, but the pain will reduce.

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    Vitamin D level checked ***
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