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Poll: Low Dose vs. High Dose
CORYSGIRL30 posted:

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Has anyone gone off a higher dose med for some time....only to go back on at a lower dose to see if the lower dose works better???
  • No
  • Yes-Didn't work for me
  • Yes-Helped better than high-dose
  • Thinking about trying it
  • What the world are you talking about???
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Dollbug responded:
Hello Julie.....where have you been? MiMi in NC....I have not seen you post in a while....I hope you are doing is really hot today in NC....and of course, with the sweating that I does not help either...

I did not take your poll...but I did want to comment...sometimes...I will tweak some of my vitamins and supplements....just to "trick" my body....and it works...

When I was taking prozac.....the doctor gave me 10 mg...and I would tweak it when it did not work time...whomever wrote my prescription got it wrong and the drug company sent me 40 mg say the least...I was not a happy camper...some days I could take all of what was precribed and some days I couldn't...

I do not know what exactly you are trying to accomplish here...but I do know that at times this works for me...

I can also do this with my joint supplements...which at times can stop working...I take another kind for a couple of days...and then go back on what I normally take...and it is quite interesting....because it does I have no idea...but I do know it works....this is what I mean by "tricking" the body...

Take care and I hope you have a wonderful day...

fibroinsd responded:
I voted no...but ask me again next fall and it may be a different answer. I am going off of Cymbalta and really trying to do the exercise and eat right.....and if this weight doesn't come off, and the cholesterol doesn't come down...I am getting back on my Cymbalta....and the highest level I can stand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright

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