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Question for you all
Grampa_Bear posted:
I'm beginning to believe that the way we feel is cyclical in nature.

Just out of curiosity, here's a quicky poll to see how everyone's doing.

Bringing Faith to the Doubtful, Doubt to the Faithful, Comfort to the Afflicted, Affliction to the Comfortable and Funk to the Funkless.

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How are you feeling today (meaning over the past couple of days)
  • I feel like I've been hit by a truck today
  • I'm pretty uncomfortable, but not a lot
  • I'm comparatively ok today
  • I can leap tall buildings in a single bound
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Dollbug responded:
Ok Jim.....I want to know when someone votes on the leap tall buildings in a single bound....and please try to make sure that someone asks them to share whatever they have....because....inquiring minds want to know....

LOL...was this SUPERMAN?

TCL38 responded:

For me your statement about this being cyclical is 100% true. I know many of you suffer equally with the warm weather but so far for me I am thriving with the heat as long as I keep myself well hydrated. My average daily pain is lower and my flares are less frequent and less intense. If this holds true for another year then I have actually had FM longer than I thought. The previous year would have been when I started being symptomatic but it was also a very, very stressful time so at the time I chalked it all up to stress. For me I know that when I am cold my body is more tense and as we all know more tension brings more pain. I will say my fatigue is more consistant with the heat. But if I have to pick my poision I pick heat and fatigue because once I get cool and rest I'm good to go again.

alispazz responded:

Other than getting up way to early, with a headache, which went away, I have to say on a scale of 1-10, I am ranging between 2-3 for the last week or so...

Not much energy for the heat but not miserable as long as I drink plenty of liquids.

Follow your heart and not your dreams..the dreams are from your mind and can lead you astray, the heart never can..SMOLOL Hugs Ali
teddybear200 responded:
Since Grampa Bear is being cyclical in nature we all can leap tall buildings in a single bound - as long as they are built to scale size - meaning no taller than toy buildings or 6 inches in height - even I could do that with this pounding headache I have.

On a serious note I feeling like crap lately with these headaches.
Some day I will soar on wings of an Eagle - Deb
Grampa_Bear replied to Dollbug's response:
Yeah, I see that we have one person with a Big Red "S" on their shirt....nobody likes a show off, ya know? :pbpt:

Bringing Faith to the Doubtful, Doubt to the Faithful, Comfort to the Afflicted, Affliction to the Comfortable and Funk to the Funkless.
CLKWC1964 responded:

That's interesting. I hope you get lots of replies just out of curiosity. Cat:0)
Grampa_Bear replied to TCL38's response:
My thought process on this was that on more than one occasion, I've found that on days when one person posts that they feel like they've been nuked, lots of others seem to feel the same way. Conversely, on days when some folks feel semi-human, there are folks who feel that way as well.

I was wondering about a causal relationship between how we feel, and anything else that may be going around (no idea what just yet).

Interesting study concept is all (and maybe a next book for the Doc...I'm not opposed to getting a kickback as a finder's fee :goofy: )


Bringing Faith to the Doubtful, Doubt to the Faithful, Comfort to the Afflicted, Affliction to the Comfortable and Funk to the Funkless.
CLKWC1964 replied to TCL38's response:

This is the first summer I have been this miserable. It use to be summer I looked forward to. I hope and pray for you that you continue to feel better in the warm weather. Cat :0)
CLKWC1964 replied to Grampa_Bear's response:
especially when the rest of us are feeling so crappy lol.
Booch007 responded:
Hey, who is the one leaping tall buildings in a single bound??
Was that Dr. P???? Wish I was there !! Nancy B
Socialwrkr responded:
All last week I felt horrible. Just so tired and pain way high. Now today I could barely drag myself from bed, but suddenly I'm feeling pretty decent!

We know the weather patterns have an effect, and I believe the moon cycles do too. Would be interesting to track all of that in relation to symptoms.

Take care!
Be Gentle on Yourself!!! ~~Aimee
Nitz5 responded:
I answered leap tall buildings, I am on my 4th week of Savella and am taking 50mg twice daily. I have not felt this great in 3 to 4 years. I still have morining stiffness and on high humdity days I feel a little worse. My daughters had a parent vs. child softball game last week. I batted 3 times and crossed home plate 3 times, there is no way I would have been able to do this prior to Savella. The side effects I experienced (dry mouth, trouble sleeping and slight naseau) have completely subsided. I feel like I got my life back! :<)
Wolfsong452 replied to Nitz5's response:
glad someone is feeling good,

right now I'm feeling major flare!

I'm sleepy, yet can't sleep.

was sent home from work, due to my poison ivy.

sheesh! where is superman when I need it!
TCL38 replied to Grampa_Bear's response:
Oh Jim as a researcher I would love to investigate this question!

My belief is it's more than a casual relationship.

Especially during the winter, I had my days where I was off-kilter "just" because it was snowing and that seemed to make everything worse. But I have always been that way. I'm a California girl afterall :) I will say as a teenager when we'd get socked in that famous San Joaquin Valley pea soup fog I would feel the same way though.

I've had shall I describe it.....ummmm.....a weird day. And I've been hyper aware that as the weirdness level increase so did my tension. I haven't gotten to full-blown pain yet other than my headache. And my fatigue level has increased in with the porpotion of weirdness.

I have noticed this trend in my daughter too except her pain increases just anticipating stressful events. For her at least in part I think it's an avoidance mechanism.

For me as I have become very in-tune with my body I realize there is the bundle of pain that is here pretty much 24/7, then there's pain I bring from doing things I know cause it (i.e. cleaning the bathroom, lifting something), then there's the pain others bring by being "weird" (a very generic term for all sorts of things), and rarely there's the left-field pain or the type that hits me with no warning, with no causation and seems as if it's only purpose is to keep me humble.

And as I have mentioned I am very negatively affected by cold (which for me is anything below 70), snowy, windy conditions which we can have at this altitude 9 months out of the year. Cold makes all of the above pain WORSE. My 24/7 pain has floated around a 2 as long as the temps are above 70, below 60 and that same pain is consistently a 4/5. I also have a reduction in my 10-10 days. In the thick of winter I was having at least one a week but now I haven't had one for more than a week.

I think it's very, very interesting.


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