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Finally have an appt scheudled
MagPrincess posted:
To see this new pain management doctor. The deductable is pretty much used up so i will only have to pay 44 per shot for the epidurals. not sure how many he wants to do.

He still did not see anything on the MRI to account for some of the nerve pain so he suspects it is referred pain.

Have an appt to actually see him on 7-7-10. seems so far away but also gives me more time to get some money together.

She (his nurse)said he has no problem continuing to prescribe the lortab and mobic and says that it is probably the best combo.
Anjl26 responded:
That's pretty good news! I'm glad this doc seems to be working out for you, and you haven't even seen him yet. LOL It's always a good sign when the office staff is actually answering your questions.
Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect. It means you decide to see beyond the imperfections. hugs Sharon
annette030 responded:
It sounds like things are moving along, albeit slowly. A week really is not that far off. Hang in there and see how well these injections work for you. You might be feeling a whole lot better.

Take care, Annette
Booch007 responded:
Glad to hear you are moving forward. The time will pass before you know it, hope it is a great fit and that will help in so many other ways too. Hope today is a good day for you and pain is low, Nancy B
Tuned2fm responded:
I am glad you are going to continue with the shots, hopefully you will get the same results as before. Good luck.

Gentle hugs,,


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