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Question for Dr P.
Tuned2fm posted:
Dr P., one month ago my vitamin D level was at 5.3 and my Rhuematologist gave me 50.000 units of vitamin D a week for the next four months, my question is how long does it take to get the levels back up to normal after being so low?

My Dr also told me I should start feeling better within a few weeks and as of yet I have seen no change. Can I still expect to feel better soon or is it possible I will not see a change?

A few weeks ago I asked a question about MCTD. Does vitamin D play a role with this also?

Thank you in advance for your time and answers.

Mark Pellegrino, MD responded:
Hi Sheila,

Wow that's a low D! It can take months for the D to correct itself with replacement therapy so it's typical to recheck the level after several months as your rheumy is doing. Keep working with him/her to get that level up!

I tell my patients when I start D replacement therapy that vitamin D is very important in many of the body's functions (bone, muscle, immune system, pain control etc) so it needs to be corrected if it's too low. Benefits from replacement therapy can often be noticed as early as a few weeks. Less pain, more energy and more stable baseline can occur....but not everyone notices improvement. Hopefully you will notice some improvement.

I'm not aware of any direct relationship between low vitamin D and MCTD.

Hope this helps!

Dr. P
fibroinsd responded:
Sheila !!!!! That is the lowest Vit D. I have ever heard....are you sure that is right??? Hope those 50,000 units help soon !!

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Tuned2fm replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
Thank you Dr. P. Yes, my level was that low I saw the report myself. My rhuemy did say it was extrememly low. He gave me a script for 4 mos of this therapy, then I will be checked again.

Thanks again,

Tuned2fm replied to fibroinsd's response:
Yep, Cece, I am sure. He said it should at the lowest be 32. I have been utilizing the sun this summer and try to get a few mins each day along with my supplement.