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FMS and Dental Problems? Related?
kate20770 posted:
I've had dental issues since around the age of 19, until then I had no cavities or anything other then some over lapping teeth and a gap. But once I turned 19, it's gone down hill. In the last 10 years, I have so many cavities, seems like every tooth and had to have 4 teeth pulled, b/c I simply can't afford a root canal and all that goes along with it, even with insurance. But the problems seem to have gotten worse since my symptoms of FM started, even before i was officially dx. Do any of you find that since your FM symptoms began, that you seem to have more dental problems then you did before? Do you know what this could be caused from if not related to FM?

Thanks for any input on this! It's making me crazy, living with pain everyday, but tooth pain is a whole other type of pain! And that's not including the pain in the pocket lol
Socialwrkr responded:
Hi Kate,

I can't say I've seen much relating fibro and dental issues. However, have you ever read up on Sjogren's Syndrome? It's often a co-morbid condition and it involves in one part not having enough saliva, which can cause serious tooth decay and the like.

Also, I just read a report that Lyrica is being blamed for serious tooth issues, but now I can't find the link again. I was flipping through too many things.

Take care and hope you get this figured out. I HATE going to the dentist, it's my biggest freak out. So I rarely go and I know I'm going to pay for that!
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Anjl26 responded:
We actually have had this discussion here before. Several of us have been dealing with dental issues. That could be totally coincidental as I don't know what the percentage of problems in non-FM people would be.

I always had great teeth but now find myself having many dental problems.
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An_198962 replied to Anjl26's response:
I have been told by my dental hygenist that severe dry mouth causes dental problems! It has something to do with the saliva not doing what it is suppose to! I have had 4 teeth pulled so far. I don't have dental insurance and can't afford root canals.
MagPrincess replied to An_198962's response:
I started having dental issues when i was pregnant they suspect my high risk pregnancy is what triggered the FMS/CFS. I went from only two cavaties before i got pregnant to today with 26 cavaties 4 extractions and 3 crowns.

Get your vitamin D level checked and ask about using biotene,that is the best advice I can give you.
Dairyl replied to MagPrincess's response:
I work for a dentist. Us fibro's are known for TMJ issue's and because of that, we have a very high rate of grinding and clenching our teeth during sleep. That in turn wears the enamel from our teeth, and the clinching cause's our teeth to fracture.

I have a NTI splint that I wear every night while I sleep. When I wake up in the morning my face and jaw muscle's are much more relaxed.

The NTI splint cost less than one crown. It is worth it. You can check with area dentist to see who make the splints.

Hope this has helped.

Hugs to you.......from me.......

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