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is 3500 enough???
Asillia posted:
I know that i need more w/ my calcium pill- but i thought that 3500 was way over the rdu- am i wrong? should i try a super dose of 50000??
Tany84 responded:
1,500 is the standard dose. I would def. say don't do 50,000 w/o your dr. prescribing it. I would do the 1,500 and make sure it has magnesium, phosphorus, and vit. D so that you utilize as much of it as possible.


Anjl26 responded:
My doc said that a person can not absorb more than 500mg of calcium at a time. The rest will just get eliminated. She suggests 500mg twice a day.

Vit D is much more important in regards to FM. D3 is absorbed the best. It's good to have your level checked so that you know how much you need to take.
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