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Anyone been on Lupron before?
deal14 posted:
Ive been doing a lot of research lately on this drug, I was put on it for my Endometriosis before I had any signs of fibro. It puts you into a fake menopause and really messes stuff up. I have talked to many women who have been put on this drug who were healthy and had pelvic pain but overall were pretty ok in all apsects of life and able to stay healthy, and after taking this drug they gain weight they cannot lose, they hurt all over, etc, etc..... many of these women(including me) have been now diagnosed with Fibro and other conditions that didnt show any signs before... I think theres a connection and many others do to, so I am wondering, how many of you have been on Lupron before? This drug is being investigated by FDA again(even though it was previously approved for years), but yet they are still using it on men for testicular cancer, women for endo/fibroids, and now even kids for early puberty.... I have a cousin who has a bunch of issues now too after being on this and no doc can figure it out, but one did finally say something about the Lupron and how her pitiutary gland is messed up and shes seen it before because of Lupron... how nice... I am frustrated and I totally believe this too, that drug was horrible!
jacksgramma responded:
Wow. I took Lupron only one month prior to my hysterectomy. I had terrible pain from fibroids and way too much bleeding. It wasn't till after my hysterectomy that I was diagnosed with FM.

I broke my right foot 6 weeks after the surgery, it was healing but it kept on hurting and hurting. The ortho did everything he could think of yet the pain remained.

In fact, after breaking my foot I decided to have my shoulders and back re assessed. Both were bad, and both required surgery. Yet the Orthopedic surgeon said "no" to the back surgery because he felt I had FM.

I know, too long of a story. But yes I did take Lupron for one month.

I wonder if there is something to it.

pnaturegirl responded:
Back in the 1990s, I first had a lazer removal of growths from outside of uterus do to Endo and then around 1992 had 6 months of Lupron injectionsin hip to shut down period and allow it to shrink growths up.

Having no period for 6 months wonderful but side effects awful!!

I was moody and cranky and hormoes a mess but got through and it did the trick!
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fibroinsd responded:
I have never been on don't know the connection. But all the menopause/ endometrio stuff sounds similar to stuff I have gone weight loss...etc..interesting..
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Anjl26 responded:
I've never taken Lupron but I've given it to many people over the years, mostly for cancer treatment.

We know that FM symptoms typically worsen for women when they have their period as hormone levels plumate.

I also know that with conditions such as PCOS, hormone levels aren't correct. Typical symptoms include weight gain, inability to lose weight and insulin resistance.

It only stands to reason that using Lupron to mess with hormone levels can cause other affects too. Typical side efects:
  • Dermatologic: Erythema at injection site (1.7% to 12.5% ), Hot sweats, Injection site bruising (3.4% to 11.7% ), Injection site burning, Injection site pain (3.3% to 18.3% ), Injection site reaction (37.5% )
  • Endocrine metabolic: Flushing, Vasomotor (50% to 70% ), Increased testosterone level, transient
  • Gastrointestinal: Nausea and vomiting
  • Musculoskeletal: Bone pain, Decreased bone mineral density
  • Neurologic: Headache (32% )
  • Psychiatric: Depression, Exacerbation
  • Renal: Atrophy of testis (4.4% to 20.2% )
  • Other: Fatigue, Malaise[a name=seriousSection>
  • Endocrine metabolic: Pituitary apoplexy
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painalltime responded:
I took lupron for endometreosis in the 97 and diagnosis with FM 2007. could not explain why I have so much pain all the time. is this truely related or just a fluke. are there studies proven this theory?

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