Where is everyone from?
fibroKimber posted:
Ive been wondering if anyone is from my area... maybe others have wondered the same thing. It would be nice to know someone that lives around me so we could discuss doctors, local clinics, etc.
No need to post your exact location (unless you want to) but just a general area... maybe we can "compare notes" with others from the same region!!

I'm from western pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) What about everyone else?
Tany84 responded:
I have no problem saying that I'm from Wichita Falls, TX. Unfortunetly, there are no support groups for FM here so I'm considering and praying about possibly starting one. Is there anyone else on here from this area?

MissesDj responded:
I am currently in Savannah, but originally from Chicago. I think this is good to know because the climate affects me and my symptoms.
Anjl26 responded:
southeastern Minnesota
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debw216 responded:
Hi.... Im from Southeastern Michigan. About 20 miles due west of Detroit....

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BamaNik responded:
Northern Alabama.....kinda obvious from my screen name

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1wareaglefan responded:
I'm from Montgomery, Alabama. And let me tell you, the heat and humidity is NOT a friend of fibro!
fibroinsd responded:
I am from San Diego.
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TCL38 replied to debw216's response:
Deb if you're about 20 miles due west of Detroit, you are probably in one of my favorite cities. Would it happen to have two names that start with the same letter

TCL38 responded:
I'm a California girl but I live in southern Utah.

Kimber, my first job out of high school was as a photograher for a traveling photography company. I know your area very well. My territory covered Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and western New York. That feels like a lifetime ago so I can't help you with FM information thought. I hope you find some folks near you though.

zPriestz replied to TCL38's response:
I am from Southeastern Michigan, just north of Detroit.
lb707 replied to zPriestz's response:
Western Washington

Bsgizzy replied to lb707's response:
I am from Cocoa Beach, Florida
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ednaroberts1978 responded:
I'm in Ohio. A little town south of Columbus.

cattlebarroness09 responded:
I live in Navasota,Tx. which is about 75 miles n.w. of Houston and there are no support groups near me either.

Shar inTx.