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Savella making me sick
mommyof20903 posted:
Hi everyone, I hope that you aren't reading this until you have woke up from a great night's sleep! Anyway, I went to my dr. last week and she wanted me to start on Savella. I am all for trying something new to see if it helps. Well, this stuff makes me extremely nauseous !!! I took my 2nd morning dose this morning and I feel like I have been prego all day and I have puked my guts out (even at a public restroom)! I know it's not a virus since I don't have a fever or any other symptoms.

Is anyone else having this problem w/ this med? I want my dr. to know that I am willing to try new meds instead of just sticking to my pain meds and pain patches that honestly get me through. Those of you that may not know me well, I have two little kids and they are my life and I have to do what is nececessary to take care of them or life simply isn't worth living. So, my point is, I want my dr. to know that I tried this but I don't want to be sick all of the time. I was really doing okay on the regiment of meds that I was on before.

Any feedback or encouragement would be so deeply appreciated. Should I give the savella more time or go back to what works?

Thanks and much love and prayers to all! Nicky
jenny380420 responded:
Do you take anything to help you sleep? If you dothen maybe try taking it right before bed and sleep through the initial nausea? I wouldn't recomend this at all if your not taking anything to help you sleep as you would just be up puking all night. Maybe try taking it with a snack? Milk always helps me when I'm nasueous, or perhaps she can try you on a smaller dose, I have heard of savella but am not familar with it's dosage at all. In any evewnt I would go ahead and call the doc and let her know, she may have some suggestions or she may ask youto stop takeing it, but atleast you have made the complaint known and if you decided it's not for you it's not a surprise to her.

Hun, I don't have kids and I just started pain management, idealy we will find a miraclecocktail that does not involve narcotics, but I can tell you I was getting so bad I wasn't sure how much longer I would be able to work, and even if I didn't have to work why should I go through life in jammies on a heating pad on my couch cause i'm in to much pain to enjoy daily activities, thats no life, I have to much lvivng to do. The oxycodone I am now taking allows me to get up and clean the house, go to work and make decent tips, enjoy cuddeling on the couch with my H. There is no shame in taking medication to help you through the day.

Perhaps if you decide not to continue useing it, perhaps tell your doc it didn't work but ask her if there is something else you can try, while continuing the pain meds, maybe write down your complaints and your wants and explaine that you still need to be able to function while trying differant meds, perhaps agree to lesson the use of pain meds after the first week or 2 of any other therapy to see if it's working?

gentle hugs, jenny
KoalaBearEyes responded:
I canot take it, Nicky. I puked up the first one. I cannot take Lyrica or Cymbalta either. However, Cymbalta is the only one that did NOT make me nauseous; just made me so sleepy that I feel asleep at the wheel in the car and did not know where I was and woke up in my garage.

I have gotten to the point, I am thinking about changing doctors if I can find a good one. I hate to, but if he/she does not believe that I have tried every drug out there for me and spend thousands and thousands of dollars to him and the drug company, I am tired of aiming to please them and put my health and kids at risk and also JUST SEE my life go by as I am sleeping or feeling pregnant from nausea all the time.

Obviously, they cannot relate.

I did not take anymore Savella; that was it for me. The Lyrica did the exact same thing to me and I think that Savella is a combo of Lyrica and Cymbalta, but don't quote me on that one,

I have also tried to please my doctor at the risk of my own health and I have really really tried hard. My stomach feels hot and now I have acid reflux from all of that stuff and I should have listened to my body a long time ago instead of allowing the doctor to keep pumping me full of meds.

Good luck to you my dear. I don't know what to tell you. If you are on patches and pain meds, that is their excuse to hold you under their thumb. They need to have something else to back-up their reason to give you pain meds, so it looks good on you and them ; they have paper work that they have to turn in to the DEA when writing scrips for narcotics. Their derriere is on the line too. Also the doctor gets suspicious and thinks being on pain meds and not being able to take antidepressants, that you are a drug seeker. I think that a lot of the pain medications are easier on us than some of these new drugs and they have not been out long.

Have you ever tried one of the older type tricylics? Elavil? There is the problem of weight gain there, but you could always try it or Wellbutrin? The only thing about Wellbutrin is that it seems to have made a come-back.

It helped the muscle weakness in my arm, so while they are prescribing Cymbalta, etc, the doctors are adding to "our cocktail" the Wellbutrin, which does not have too many side effects (well it did not for me - some it makes anxious), BUT this is not FDA approved for FM, and so the story goes.

The docs want you on an FDA approved drug for FM to cut down on the pain medications of today that we are having to rely on because of this horrendous pain that nobody buy us understands.

It is going to take an Act of Congress" to do something about changing these scheduling laws for pain meds. I do not know how that would be done, unless petitions form people who are legitimate and do not have a drug history and are honestly taking pain medication for PAIN and not PLEASURE. These pleasure seeking people have RUINED it for those of us who have real PAIN!

p.s. I do not know exactly what you are on or the mg., but if it is high, it will cause the doctor concern about you and his license.

Good luck, my dear ZeZe (Ann)
KoalaBearEyes responded:
Jenny has some good points. Stay in touch with the doctor. I called the office when this happened to me and maybe they got sick of me, but they knew if I was sick and crying that I was legitimate ~ I thought ~

until last visit he/she referred me to a neuro/psychiatrist ~ hmm. what does that tell me?

Any way, what I did was log each day I started on a new medication - everything from when I took it and how it affected me. I typed it up because typing is faster for me and gave it to the doctor each time. This is "proof" for them and documentation for you so that you can remember what meds you can take and cannot take.

In this case, if you did as I did and threw the first one up and you do not have the flu (it does seem to be going around, as you can see under Kim's flu post), and you do have kids. So, just be sure it is not the flu.

If not, call first thing and let them know.

They may tell you to keep trying or they may tell you to stop; it is anyone's guess! ZeZe (Ann) Good luck!
KoalaBearEyes responded:
~ Nicky ~

I think I forgot to tell you ~ Please feel better, my dear~ ~

Believe me, I know how you feel and I hate throwing up.

I was lying here, thinking maybe I should give Savella more of a try ~ but this is a package of saltines later ~ so I am feeling BRAVE~

It is a difficult call ~

I will probably try it again because I just cannot take this pain. If I don't keep throwing up the pill ~ maybe I could take it. BUT, this was just one of the small 12.5 pills~ IF I can't take that, how will I make it to 50 mg? I think they make 100 mg too.

My stomach is very sensitive. I wish that they could let me try the 12.5 for a little longer because now I have thrown one up and do not have that one back, so I have to go forward or not at all, I guess - YUCK ~

Well, if you decide to stay on it, I am right there with you and I hope that my next one stays down.

I hate being nauseated, much less throwing up!

I think you should call your doctor being on those other pain meds if you continue to vomit!

Feel better, sweetie~ ZeZe (Ann) good luck to us both
fibroinsd responded:
Hey Nicky...don't feel funny..just call the doc right away. Tell him this didn't work for you. You need to have a doctor that works with you. I think some of the people on here haven't had any problem with the Savelle, so it is obvious that it is like all meds,...some people can take it and some can't. Looks like you are in the can't.

Just tell the doc that you need to go back to what was working for you. I am sure he/she only wants what is good for you.

Take care, and give those kids of yours a hug for me.!!!

GirlTaraK responded:
Hi Sweet Nicky!! Oh girly it's so good to see you!! I have missed you so much!!! BIG HUGS!! I am so sorry you are having problems with Savella. I tried it for 7 days and got very ill on it. It was horrible for me just awful, I did not feel myself at all. I had high anxiety on it/my heart rate jumped up and on the last day went into a full blown panic attack where I could not breath at all. My FM doctor told me to stop it immediately.

It's strange to me because I am on Cymbalta (low does) daily and Wellbutrin also. Then they added Savella. It just did not sound right to me to be on all three antidepressants and surely the mix was not good. Let me tell you I felt so sick and not myself at all. I was crying alot and just very sick to my stomache as well. It took a good week for me to feel back to normal.

I am so sorry you are not having a good reaction to the Savella either. I know some other people on here that are doing good on it. I also know people who did not do good on Cymbalta and it has helped me quite a bit. I once tried to stop it and noticed a difference right away. I said no way, I need to stay on this med.

Nicky, you need to contact your doctor tomorrow and let him know what reactions you are having and for how long etc, so he can document this. Then decide what to do next. I am so sorry you are so ill!!!!!

Hope you feel better soon!!! Big Hugs!!! Take good care of YOU!!!

Love ya girly!!! Tara
Anjl26 responded:
Cymbalta and Savella are BOTH SNRIs. There's no way that you should have been taking them both and along with another antidepressant Tara. Good golly, no wonder you were sick.

As with any meds, the side effects generally get better in time but it's tough to wait out nausea. If you want to continue to try it, talk to your doc about getting something to take for the nausea too. If things aren't better by a week, it's probably not worth it.
GirlTaraK responded:
Sharon, Kinda scary when an MD knew that and put me on Savella knowing I was on Cymbalta huh? Real nice.... I got very sick...
annette030 responded:
It is an SNRI type antidepressant similar to effexor or cymbalta. It does not contain Lyrica or any antiseizure medicine.

I don't take any antidepressants, I tried many of them in the past and they made me worse not better. My doctor is fine with me not taking them. I have been on opiate pain meds for well over ten years now, and my doctor doesn't hassle me about them at all. I do take neurontin, and find it helps me a lot.

Take care, Annette
Yayabay06 responded:
Oh Nicky~~~

I so know how you feel....i have my precious little one. She is my life. She is what I live for and I cannotplay with her due to all of my paina nd fatigue,

I am just on my second dose of Savella. I was nausueas this am but I did read somewhere to eat when you take it. I am not a puker. I have to be seriously sick to throw up so I am going to give this my best!! I went off Cymbalta but only 3 days of lower doses. I am having the brain zzaps and other dizziness.

What else can I endure rightnow?? I am in one of the biggest flares rightnow. I am going totry to take this one for a month ...maybe.

REad as much as you can. ...some dr's DO NOT inform you properly. I am so sick o fhearing that.

I hope you are doing better by now.


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