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DR P How much Probiotic is too much and how long should one take them?
1rmouse posted:
Dr. P I was tested 2 years ago for yeast levels because I kept getting ear, nose and vaginal infections.. 3 or 4 a year. When the tests came back they should I had a high sensitivity to yeast, above normal levels and was told to start taking Aged Garlic and Probiotics. I started out with low levels that are in yogurt but needed to bump up.. so the next year the levels showed even higher levels of sensitivity to yeast.
Two weeks ago I retested. When I called today to see if the test result were back, they weren't, so I told the nurse I'd like to find out before buying my monthly probiotics, which will be over the weekend. She gasp and said " Your not taking probiotics every day are you???" I told her that yes I had been for two years. No one told me to do it differently.
She said she thought that was over kill and that I may be doing more harm than good and should stop at once!
So the Question for you is: How much for how long is safe for anyone to take.
I really hope you answer this as I have to re buy or not the probiotics by Monday when I run out.
Thanks and soft hugs going out to you.
Linda R.
fibroinsd responded:
Linda....Good question...and can I add to the question...I have been having tummy problems and I am back to eating Activia that better/ worse than what Linda is doing?? Is there a difference? Should I only eat it for awhile??

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lovespringers responded:
I too take a probiotic every day. I was so sick last fall for about six month and my asthma went haywire. I was using more inhalers and having nebulizer treatments and got thrush really bad. I had it at least 6 times in 5 months time. I gargled 12 to 16 ounces of water after every treatment and would still get thrush. All the antibiotics that I was on in that time frame and never had a vaginal yeast infection, just the thrush. I've been doing the daily probiotic for a year and a half now, very interested to hear your comment Dr. P.
Dollbug responded:
Probiotics Symptoms, Causes, Treatment - What are the side effects and risks o

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Booch007 responded:
I qwas always under the impression you cannot to harm with this. I was on Green Vibrance...a series of 3 probiotic strains plus other green vegetable for health.

The amount of live strain benefit is different in each again, you balance your colon with it. I have never had negatives only positives.....If you are immuno compromised, then maybe there is risk of going the other way?? Interesting to see Dr.P's answer...

I just restarted this, as the diet is adding unwanted gas in my live and I feel I promoting the wrong bacteria in there to flourish....No yeast in m life right now though...

Good luck and good question. Nancy B
Mark Pellegrino, MD responded:
Hi Linda R,

Soft hugs back at you!

I think probiotics are fine and not harmful over the long term. As you know, they contain friendly yeast and bacteria that are normally found in the body's intestines; called normal flora. They do not contain harmful or potentially dangerous mixtures of organisms. If there is an imbalance in our normal flora, probiotics can help correct the problem, especially with Candida overgrowth. The body will basically incorporate whatever it needs from the probiotic pills to rebalance the flora. If we have chronic problems, then regular probiotics may be needed and helpful. If we are balanced and still take probiotics that may not be needed at that time, the body should simply pass it through with no harm done. If my patients feel they help, I have no problem if they continue taking probiotics.

If they were bad, wouldn't they be called conbiotics?

Dr. P
1rmouse replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
That's funny and correct as well. Thank you so much for answering my questions and those that were added on.
You know the FMily members just love you to pieces don't you? If not, take notice, we all do.
Also, I was wondering if the medical community has taken note of the aging 'Boomers" who have FM just to see how many of us are getting new symptoms, or how many of our symptoms have deepened or changed over time. I know in the past year or so I have new things going on, FM related, that I didn't have before and some things from my past FM medical list that are Not So Much these days. I remember the Rhuemy telling me years ago @ Vanderbilt " What you have now in the way of symptoms is just about it. It shouldn't get any worse or be any more troblesome to you than your fist event. " OH SO NOT!!!!" The new things are more bothersome than the old ones. How's Come I wonder.
Any chance you could put that question out there or take a poll of the 'Elder" members on the board to see? Should/ Could prove interesting for the younger members, who may or may not have the 'new' things we are getting. Just a thought since those of us with FM symptoms have been mostly overlooked or discounted much of the time.
OKAY You have a great day Dr. Pellegrino... You made mine.
Soft hugs, again, going out to you.
Linda R.