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Adverse Reactions to Melatonin?
fibroKimber posted:
took 1/2 of a 3mg tablet of melatonin last night to try it for the first time...

it definitely worked - i was VERY drowsy, but i also got shooting nerve pain right after taking it from my shoulders down to my elbows, then in my back, then really bad chest pain. it made me tired but i felt DRUNK tired maybe it was just a fluke?

im sure some of you take melatonin, but has anyone tried it and had a bad reaction to it? it seemed really odd and i dont know why it would trigger pain for me... but then again us fibro sufferers have strange reactions to lots of things!

Terry2228 responded:
Kimber like any thing we who have FM take it can do Diff things. I have taked larger doses of melatonin and never got the shoooting pain, but feel that funny like pressure in chest area. Then felt more druged then we I have bad pain days and take a pain pill. I was foggy when I woke up(did not get a full nights sleep) and had a BAD headache!!! My husband Does not have FM and takes it because he works swing shifts and his sleep gets thrown off and has no problems. I dont take it any more. I thought I was having heart problems and the other stuff sucks also. If it were me I would not take it again. Good Luck
sjmikesell responded:
Yes, I've taken melatonin in the past but it seems I have the weirdest nightmares. Now I am taking 1/2 an Ambien each night and usually get 5 or 6 hours of good sleep (that is, if my husband's snoring doesn't wake me up).

Notice though, it's 4:33 am and I'm here on the computer.

Anjl26 responded:
I've tried melatonin a couple of times and just can't tolerate it. It does make me drowsy, so I sleep for a couple of hours, but then I'm up and down the rest of the night.

It also causes me very vivid dreams. Combining the two, I get little sleep, so I went back to my standard sleeping pill.
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fibroKimber responded:
thanks everyone for your responses, i appreciate it!

im trying to find some supplements that help me to hopefully wean off of my lyrica, but it seems i often have craaaazy reactions to both supplements and medications (seems that many of us do), so its gonna be lots of trial and error

thanks again!
creekgirl123 responded:
Hi Kimber,
I tried melatonin for a few nights and had several unpleasant side effects but can't remember what they were! I knew I should have written them down. I've learned to write what meds I take and how they affect me. It's a good way to figure out what causes what (maybe). I thought after a week of Zanaflex I would have to quit because I felt really weird, slightly dizzy, ears ringing, and feeling nauseous.

But after two nights of my old Flexeril, I feel the same way. Probably the Fibro. At least the Zanaflex helped me sleep.

Oh, I remember one side effect of the melatonin: (I know this sounds really strange) my head "squeaked" when I moved it. I'm sure glad I'm not the only person who has odd symptoms. I really would love to feel relatively normal again. But still...lots to be thankful for. Best wishes to you.

whyhaveascreenname replied to creekgirl123's response:
!!!! When you say "squeaked" do you mean that your neck right up near your head, squeaked when you moved your head? That happens to me, too! I am currently researching melatonin because I have been having some really funky sypmtoms on and off for about ten years now...starting with really enlarged lymph nodes, which were removed and not cancerous, in about 2001. This was preceded by a weird attack of gigantous swelling of hands and feet with pain, and a red "cord-like" raised place down my left arm. At the time they suspected lupus but blood tests came back ok. Now, ten years later, I am always terribly fatigued and have gained ALOT of weight, and have had incidents of painful places at the base of neck, across shoulder and down arm, always on left side, which twice I have gone to ER ffor thinking it was heart attack, and they couldn't find any heart problem. However, the second time, the Dr. did snap to the fact that the 1/3 of a tennis ball sized lump at the base of my neck, and by extension the other painful points on my left side, were actually enlarged lymph nodes. I've been worried about lupus or cancer, but those hardly make sense considering all the circumstances of that first major bout and surgery ten years ago....Lately I have begun thinking it might be a major reaction to melatonin. After reading about Fibromyalgia and melatonin, I am now wondering whether I have a combination of the two causing these weird symptoms. Kimbers' msg above about her shooting pains from shoulders to elbows, etc, sounds similar to my experience. Any comments would be much appreciated, as this has me pretty much on the couch. And no health insurance.
mrcampio replied to whyhaveascreenname's response:
Have you been checked for MS? My girlfriend had the similar squeak/shock when she'd move her head and neck. It's a very mild form of MS and if you catch it early it can be controlled.
angelswife responded:
Hi Kimber,
I started taking 5mgs of Melatonin three nights ago and haven't had any problems; but everyone is different. I'd been using Percocet for several months (1/2 a pill before bed) so I could sleep through the nerve pain in my ankle and foot, but I was really getting tired of it. With the Melatonin I'm asleep within 15 minutes, and if I wake up during the night I can go right back to sleep again. I do have vivid dreams with it, but I had them with the Percocet too. The thing I like best is, no more morning hangovers! I didn't realize how foggy I was until I stopped using the Percocet. Hope this helps.
georgia888 responded:
I take melatonin once or twice a week & on the other nights I use 5-HTP to aid with sleep. The melatonin will sometimes cause unusual dreams & it will also sometimes cause a slight morning headache. The headache goes away without having to take any pain killers.

I don't believe it should be taken on a daily basis & for the couple times a week I use it, I feel it does ensure a rather sound sleep. Of course, most nights my bladder will awaken me (another lovely fibro symptom) before the alarm & afterwards getting back to sleep can be a problem.

whyhaveascreenname replied to mrcampio's response:
Thanks for the info. If I can find a doctor who gives a damn, I'll mention it.
foreversore responded:
I have never used melatonin, instead I drink a tea before bed that has valerian root in it. Years ago I used to take a supplement (I wish I could find it again) it was called Myocalm PM it had calcium, magnesium and valerian root. It helps to relax you and help you sleep better.

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