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Anjl26 posted:
I ran across 2 articles this morning that I wanted to share. The first is Why FM Has a Credibility Problem and the second is Chronic Pain can be Paralyzing for Women.,,20326403_1,00.html

I think the article about Credibility is good. It really says what all of us have been saying about doctors and family not believing us.

The second is more generalized about pain issues in women, but does mention FM a couple of times. I hope more articles like these make it into the mainstream.

So, what is your opinion on these topics?
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hugs Sharon
Dollbug responded:
Hello Sharon.....thanks for sharing.....I really like the first one....about FM being a credibility problem.....I hope everyone will read this....

I think it is a shame that no one understands this dreadful illness....but you know....there are days when I do not even understand it....and I hate feeling like this....I only wish that it was NOT an illness....I think we all would feel better then...

Take care ....and have a good week-end...

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Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Thanks for sharing these, Sharon.

Re the second one, it's very well put together. The same things have been reported here on WebMD (I just posted about one of them) but the CNN article puts it all together very well. Very interesting.
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fibroinsd responded:
Thanks for sharing..
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pocotaz responded:
Both good article Sharon.....thanks
annette030 responded:
Thanks, Sharon. These were both worth reading.

Take care, Annette

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