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Checking in after a long absence
linda posted:
Hi I'm linda. I just wanted to drop by to see how many familiar "faces" I would find. Hi Sarah and Jim and Caprice, maybe you remember me, LindaK? My goodness Caprice, you are so pretty. Nice to see your face after so many years.

I miss coming here. Life just gets so busy sometimes. My fibro is still giving me fits just like everyone else's, but I have added the autoimmune kidney disease IGA to the mix. Much more concerning and usually ends in dialysis, etc. Isn't it amazing how many of us have a second autoimmune disease, RA or Lupus or Scleroderma.

Well, I won't take up anymore space, I am going to try to come by more often to say hi and get aquainted with some of you who are new to me. Gentle hugs. Linda K
fibroinsd responded:
Hi Linda K...Welcome back....I am Cece and I have been here for a couple of years now...I many people come and go...but glad you are back..Sorry you are having so many problems...

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
Dollbug responded:
Welcome back Linda you probably already know....once part of the FMily....always a part of the FMily....

I hope you will hang around and post when you can....this is a unique FM support group, along with our wonderful new asset, Dr. P...and he truly knows how we he, too facing the wrath of the dragon each and every day....he fits right in....with his expert knowledge and wonderful humor also....

I might add...that there are a lot of FMers who once posted and then disappeared....I do know that a lot of them are now on I continue to get invites from some of them...I am not a FB...but I do have a user id....just to use on others sites....that I visit and comment on....

I guess people come and people go....and some like it here and stay for the longterm...and others just pop in once in a while...there are a lot of oldies still here though....and a whole lot of newbies we are again growing by leaps and bounds....

I do hope that you have asked your doctor to check your Vitamin D it is really important for a lot of us low Vitamin D can make a difference...

I hope you will take the time to read the info under Tips and the right of this page....especially the member toolbox and nutrition and vitamins...

Take care and good luck...hope you will visit again...real soon...

IN GOD WE TRUST....MAY GOD BLESS AND GUIDE AMERICA.... My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Good to see you again, Linda! I've been wondering where you are.

Sorry you've developed another condition to go along with everything else. (((hugs)))

And thank you. :-)
Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you'll help them to become what they are capable of becoming. ~Goethe
pocotaz responded:
Hi Linda K....

I to pop in from time to time but don't post like i used to... like Mimi said ...once Fmily...always Fmily...

You have alot on your pop in when you can... having o go through Dialysis can take up so much of your time..always have to work around it and live around getting to the appointments... my sisters partner has had to to this throughout her life...

You have inner strength and this helps... nice to see you visit...Hugs sweet lady...

Booch007 responded:

We need you here, miss oldie...

I always wish for the *great ones that were here when I arrived...(what 5-7 years ago)....The humor here was so helpful. The info given me on top of what I figured out for myself was so *priceless......
I miss Jan-Fl like my right arm, and wish I had written her into my email book. We were so on the same road.

I hope you stay and keep in touch with all of us. Hugs to you...I hope the weekend is special and today is a good day buddy.....Nancy B

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