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jamesii posted:
Hi my friend, I just saw your note of reply concerning my derm dr visit. Me too, I am very much hoping she can solve the skin burning problem. I am very fed up with it. It is a constant problem of burning skin and freezing hands.

I have had colonscopes, a young lady dr looked at my you know whats as I had a spot on the scrotum, I have undressed for a number of lady and men drs.

I was a bit surprised though to see a pair of eyes peering at me thru the portal.

When I get info about the labs and fix for skin burning I will send it along.

I haven't much on FB from you lately. I hope all is well with you and Ray.

Always your friend, Jim
pocotaz responded:
Jim...i lost my internet servicxe at the beginning of the week from the nor--easter we had ...thank goodness it was all rain...LOL

But that's why i hadn't been here or blew out my router to so i had to get a new one and get that all straitened out....

I am hopeful she can help you arms and nose are burning and have been for days i understand completely how uncomfortable you are...

I think if they found something to help calm the sensitivity of our nerves we would have this.... but the meds out there aren't working for this part of our FM...

Thanks for the well wishes for Ray and i....we are doing o.k. ...... good luck and look forward to any news you may have with this skin burning...just hope this time it's good news.....


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