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Nurses OT Latex Allergy Question
TCL38 posted:
I hope you guys have some ideas. I am fairly sure I have developed at the least a sensitivity to latex. All elastic leaves me red and itchy and I have had mild contact dermititis reactions after surgery so at the least I'm sensitive.

Last night I took my daughter to the ER and my whole body was itching head to toes. It wasn't neuropathy itch but something different. I am wondering how possible it would be to have a reaction just being in the hospital room. As I thought about the start of the itchies, it seemed to happen about the time they came in to do her blood draws and IV. Whatever I was itching about was definately triggered in the hospital. I also noticed that where the waistband of my undies touches my skin was worse than normal. It looked "angry" when usually it only looks "annoyed"


Tanya...oh DD is okay but we have to follow up with a neurologist and she had a bad reaction to haloperidol...grrrrrrrr
Anjl26 responded:
You can develop a reaction just by inhaling. This article explains it well:

You need to talk to your doctor and be tested to confirm a latex allergy. And you will need to take precautions of avoidance. You might even need to keep an Epi-pen on hand in case of a severe reaction.
Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect. It means you decide to see beyond the imperfections. hugs Sharon
TCL38 replied to Anjl26's response:
Thank you.

Dang it I was afraid of that.

Thanks again Sharon.

LaurieLeigh responded:
Hi Tanya, how are you? I hope you are well. I've just recently encountered this problem so I've been researching online and came across this post. I hope you are using organic cotton clothes and underwear now because they're latex free. I highly recommend Cottonique, you can find them on their products are completely natural, organic and latex-free so the part where the waistband touches your skin won't look "angry" nor "annoyed" I hope this helps. Good luck and I wish you all the best!
crystalscats responded:
My husband is allergic to Latex too. He has had 5 back surgeries and each time they post sighs all over he Latex allergic. However one surgery they used non latex on his back but he was cut in front as well and used regular bandages. Well he broke out in huge blisters and pain and only had on a few hours before they realized it. He kept telling them it was burning. I finally said you need to check his front bandages now!

He too walks into the hospital and starts to feel the reactions from it. Yes, I buy all cotton for him now. I read all labels. You would be surprised what all contains latex. Oh, and found runs in the family on his fathers' side.


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