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    Melatonin.....when will it start working?!?!?
    melissanmike posted:
    Hi Everybody!

    So, I know I'm probably expecting more than I should but, I just can't help myself! (i've never been one for patience....but, i still try!)

    It's been 8 days since I started taking Melatonin. I've never taken it before and I'm wondering......... When will it start working?!?!? Because as of tonight/this morning....I'm still not feeling any different...or tired....or relaxed. Which, if I'm being honest, is nothing new for me.

    I'm still in a good mood, though! I find it humorous that I'm taking something to help me sleep and I'm not sleepy or tired. I'm used to not sleeping. It's been my "normal" for way too long.

    In fact, my Mom told me that as a toddler and young girl, I'd drive the "teachers" and babysitters in my life nuts because I'd never sleep or rest during nap-time. I'd just sit there with a doll or a book and quietly those poor "teachers" never really got a break! lol In High School, I'd go for a day or two without sleep and scare my folks and my Pediatrician. I did sleep studies and tests....and they found nothing. I tried all kinds of things, and nothing helped. I'd just eventually wear down and sleep-but only for a few hours at a time.

    So, here I 36 trying to get some sleep...and trying to take it seriously....which has been difficult for me. : ) It's a little funny that it never bothered me that I slept so little....until now. I'm determined to treat myself well, and to have a great attitude about life with FMS. So, sleep is healthy and needed, now more than ever. Positivity and gratefulness is so much easier when you've slept!

    Which brings me back to my question....when will the Melatonin that I've been taking for the past 8 days start to work?

    I thank you for reading this and for any input you might have on the subject of Melatonin.

    Thanks, Everybody!
    annette030 responded:
    It may not work at all. It didn't for me. I would discuss this with your doctor and see what he says.

    Take care, Annette
    melissanmike replied to annette030's response:
    Thanks Annette!

    But, I was hoping for better news than! I DO appreciate the truth, though! And given my Sleep History....well, I'm being cautiously optimistic! : ) Yet, still holding on to reality as I dream of dreaming.

    Thanks again!
    dollbug responded:
    Hello Melissa.....MiMi in NC....I have a son (my older one)
    who does not sleep much either....when he was a baby...he did not sleep either...and I talked to the doctors about this issue....and they told me that he was just being a little boy....and that when he got tired, he would sleep...but I knew that it was more to it than they thought....a baby is suppose to get some rest....he can go for days at a time...and not sleep....I know this is not normal....and it is not good for the mind or the body....

    Well.....I was little Baby like a normal baby...and he is just like his dad....(who is my younger son) and he has a wonderful schedule and routine....sleeps, eats poos and plays....and is a wonderful little toddler....he will be 1 this month...

    So I have been able to experience both sides of this....and it is not normal....but years my son is 33 now.....the doctors did not know....

    And the Malatonin may not work for you....I hope you find something to work....

    I know as a baby...when my son was sick....(which was not often) the doctor would give me medicine and tell me it would make him rest....did just the opposite....wired him even more...

    Take care and good luck....

    IN GOD WE TRUST....MAY GOD BLESS AND GUIDE AMERICA.... My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    melissanmike replied to dollbug's response:
    Thanks for your input! I had the same problem with medications...and even sleeping pills. Every time I was sick my parents would groan at the medications with the Warning: could make you drowsy labels. : )
    And here I am......still awake.

    Thanks again! ( you know, it really does help to know I'm not the only non-sleeper...but, man it's been SUPER difficult to take care of myself w/ FMS all of these years along with the sleeping issue )

    cattlebarroness09 responded:
    I take 3 mg. melatonin along with 2 magnesium citrate each night and it does help me sleep. The mag helps relax you.

    Hope you get some sleep tonight.

    Shar in Tx.
    mischelle360 responded:
    My Mom takes it and she says the 2mg one works better for her than the 3mg ones do. No clue why, you'd think the higher the mg the more sleepy it would make you. But I don't guess this is the case in most people.

    It was always my understanding it works as soon as you take it. Or shortly after. If it hasn't worked for you by now, maybe it isn't going to work for you.

    But I really don't know... just makes sense that if it's what our bodies produce to help us sleep then it should help you sleep when you take it. And not something you should have to take over a period of time to get some relief.

    I sure hope you find something soon to help you get the rest you so desperately need and deserve.

    Take Care!
    melissanmike responded:
    I just wanted to say Thank You to everybody who responded. I really appreciate the help and the ideas. This whole, "Let's get some sleep" idea is new to me....even though I've had FMS for years. lol

    This year, I'm taking a more active role in taking care of (Me)lissa. And, I have to say...this whole "sleeping" thing is a whole lot harder than I thought it would be! : )

    Thanks again, Everybody!

    Have a great day!
    Socialwrkr replied to melissanmike's response:
    Ok, Melatonin should be an "I take it now, I'm asleep in an hour" kind of thing. So, there are some options.

    What dosage are you taking? I'm thinking 3, as that's the standard adult dose. If so, do something that is counter intuitive, cut it in half for a few nights. I do MUCH better on 1 mg than on 3.

    If that doesn't help, bump it up to 6 mgs. If that doesn't work, then Melatonin isn't going to help.

    I am one that benedryl makes me hyper and No-Doz puts me to sleep. I always have the opposite reaction. We're weird like that. So play around some and see if you can get it working.

    OH, consider taking it with half glass of warm milk.

    Best wishes for some sleep!
    Be Gentle on Yourself!!! ~~Aimee Fibromyalgia forum writer, Aimee
    hmingbrd responded:
    My doctor refuses to prescribe anything sedative-like to help me sleep, says I shouldn't even take OTC sleep aids, because the combination of my pain meds and COPD/asthma. He said that's a common reason people in my condition don't wake up in the morning....eeek!

    So he suggested melatonin. He told me though that you shouldn't use it like a regular sleep aid, as in taking it 30-60 min. before you want to go to sleep. He said it works to reset your sleep/wake cycle, or to establish one, and that you should take it every evening several hours before bedtime, and to keep taking it every day because it usually takes at least a couple of weeks before you start seeing good results.

    So I started taking it.....and maybe it was my imagination but some days I would forget to take it until not long before bedtime and I could swear it made me sleepier than I usually was! But there was a drawback for caused me to have entire nights full of very unsettling dreams. I usually didn't really remember what the dreams were about, but the unsettling feelings from them would linger in my mind all day, causing me a bit of angst, so I stopped taking it.

    Then a couple of days ago it dawned on me that I'd been taking the 3 mg. tablets, so maybe if I cut them in half they wouldn't cause the dreams. This evening is the 1st day I remembered to take it so I don't yet know if the half dose will work better.

    Otherwise I usually crawl into my chair....I sleep in a pillow-padded zero gravity lawn chair!.....and read my book until I get drowsy. Which sometimes isn't until 4 or 5 a.m., so I end up sleeping most of the daytime away.....I would really like to get onto somewhat the same schedule as the rest of the! Other than sleeping meds that I can't take, and the so-so results from the melatonin, the book reading is the only thing I've found to help me get to sleep. Staying asleep, now that's a whole 'nuther problem....

    melissanmike replied to Socialwrkr's response:
    Okay, I went to look at my bottle of Trader Joe's says, "500 mcg, 100 tablets"

    So, then I was thinking what the heck is a mcg? So, I looked it up. It's a MicroGram. And, it takes 1000 mcg to equal 1mg according to a conversion chart I pulled up on the internet. But, it's the internet so.....I'm not sure if I should trust this conversion I found.

    And, I really like these...they're chewable with peppermint in them. So, it tricks me into, "See, this is a certs you're chewing...not more meds! You can do like certs!" lol They're probably not as good as everybody else's vitamins/supplements but, least I'm trying to jump on the supplement/vitamin wagon!

    Help me out...I'm exhausted....I need to take more of these 500mcg tablets to make them work, right?!?! I'm not taking any more until somebody tells me I'm right. Because I'm home alone and Lord knows I need to be safe while my Husband is in SD and I'm here with our dogter. So, I'll be waiting.......

    So, all you smart folks out there that are in the're needed!!

    Are you there yet? Oh, sorry....I'm not one for patience and I'm EXHAUSTED but not sleeping!!!

    I guess I'll go have a good talk with myself about being positive and grateful...and patience being a virtue....again. I'm not feeling real virtuous right now. : )

    Take your time......I'll still be here....being grateful and positive...or at least working on it.

    (for those of you wondering...I wrote this incredibly long post about I choose to be positive about FMS and grateful that it's not something worse....and I wrote this post last week..... so, I'm making fun of myself right now because here I am a week later....and not sounding very positive because I'm tired.)
    melissanmike responded:
    By the way, I am REALLY grateful for all of you that commented on this and gave me advice. You are very kind for sharing your thoughts and helpful hints with me. And, even though I don't sound like it..... I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR HELP!!!

    So, thanks!

    : )

    P.S. how come my happy faces don't work like yours? I'm just wondering. I type in the right things....they just don't come out like yours do. Bummer! : (
    glenda2448 replied to melissanmike's response:
    melissanmike i tried to reply earlier but it wouldn't recognize me so i had to start all over...

    you are correct you will have to take more of the mcg melatonin then the mg....i did the same thing & even when i took the large amount it idid not work like the mg melatonin.

    the conversion chart on the internet is the one i went by & i checked different sites & they all said the same thing..i can not remember what the conversion was now but i do know i had to take ALOT pills with mcg.
    melissanmike replied to glenda2448's response:
    Thank you for responding, Glenda! I appreciate it!

    I guess I'll have to find mg melatonin....or chew a ton of these pretend "certs". lol

    Thanks again!
    melissanmike responded:
    I was a little nervous about taking "extra", I only took one more...that was 2 hours ago. It's midnight now and I'm still awake.

    But, at least I don't have to worry about taking too many.......because it is just me and our dogter, Peanut tonight. I think I'd rather be awake than too scared to go to sleep. lol

    I took 2 of the 500mcg...which I believe is equal to 1mg.

    I'm curious if those calculations are really correct. So, you guys will have to tell me.......

    I hope the rest of you are sleeping peacefully.

    Thanks again for the input!

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