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Posting problems (?)
chouchoudeux posted:
Is it just me, or are others having problems posting?

Yesterday and today I typed a lengthy post only to see "WebMD is having problems now!" and lose what I'd typed.

How frustrating...
hisfaithful1 responded:
Hey chouchoudeux,

What a pretty smile you have!

Yes, this happens to me almost every time I start a post. A few times I almost cried from frustration. What I founfd out though, is even when it says " were having problems now, try again later" or something like that; it usually puts your post up anyway.

Hope this helps

Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hmmm..... I haven't heard any reports of problems today until now and I hope it has since smoothed out for you.

If it continues, always feel free to write to and provide us with the details, exactly where you are when trying to post, what you're trying to do (respond and to what, or start a new discussion), your system info and which browser and browser version you're using. Also, whether this is happening when typing up a long post or otherwise.

It can also happen if you've been logged out without it telling you so it puts you through the login process in order to post and then says it's not available. But you can use the Back button and get back to your post and submit it again and it's there.
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chouchoudeux replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thanks for the help, Caprice!
Dollbug responded:
Hello Mary and welcome.....MiMi in NC....every now and then I lose posts also....if you are typing a long post though....I would suggest to you and anyone just copy it until you hit the submit button....and then, if for some reason it gets lost or goes into never never still have a copy of it...and then you can just open up a space to reply again...and copy and past it from where you saved it....

It does take a while to figure out how all of this it did for me in the beginning anyway....

I hope you will post often, ask questions, make cooments or suggestions.....

Take care and good luck...

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