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Dr. Pellingini, can FM effect BP and/or pulse ?
shirley2010 posted:
Hi Dr. P.... I am new and very happy to have discovered this sight. I have had FM for years with pain, fatigue, anxiety and extreme exhaustion. I have learned to live with it ok now, but, worry about my heart a little ... a sign that FM is on it's way is my BP dorps dangerously low and my pulse does also...

I have seen cardio drs. before to no avail... as per naturegirl, i am going to see a dr. to be tested for DYSAUTOMNIA and POTS(which all seems highly possibly and relative to my symtoms), as soon as i can get an appointment.

What do u think and do u have any patients with my issues !! Thanks and God Bless u and Fmily !!!
pnaturegirl responded:
So glad to hear your gonna get checked out!

These conditions can go hand in hand indeed!
Check out my facebook page called, This Crazy Thing Called Pots My new Exchange on WebMd called, Pots and Dysautonomia Exchange and you can always find me here on FM Exchange or through my email!
Mark Pellegrino, MD responded:
Hi Shirley,

FM affects the autonomic nerves (dyautonomia). This can cause the blood pressure and pulse rates to fluctuate especially with changing postions (posture-related). But usually the BP is lower and the pulse is higher. Any problems affecting the BP and heart rate need to be evaluated by your doctor to determine the cause. Let us know how your specialist visit goes.

Dr. P

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