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Wal-Mart can cause flares- or headaches! :-)
karenrugs posted:
On Sunday, Mark and I was finishing up our shopping and standing in line waiting for a checker. Of course, there's I don't know how many cash registers but 6 checkers. Mark will not go through a self-pay line. I don't know why and he won't tell me. Anyway.

After waiting for what seems a very long time, she finally got all our stuff checked out. Since I'm a serious coupon clipper and try to use them for everything, I handed her my stack of coupons. Right off, she started handing me some back. One she said was out of date? bought too many? One not enough? Not large enough? In a package?

I got a little angry at the "in a package". I looked at her, the coupon and told her, " no where on this coupon does it say the product cannot be in a package." She said it was policy. I asked her where it was. Show me. She couldn't. Then I showed her the yogurt one. Too many? The coupon said 6 I had 7. I was shaking mad. I mean. Sometimes, those checkers must think they're way above the customers the way we get treated. She gave me those coupons.

I'm just about ready to quit coupons. The ones we really need - Tide, Downy, you know, daily things. Aren't worth much and the prices are so high it really doesn't matter if one has a coupon.

I could go on and on. But it does seem prices have gone up a lot and it's harder to stay on budget. Anyone else think so or is it just me?

But by the time we left that store, I had a bad headache. Mark said it was only because I wanted to punch that checker and all the restraint I used caused the pain. :-) I laughed. I didn't want to punch her. LOL! Just shove coupons in her face...

Have a good one, ya'll

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Anjl26 responded:
We use coupons when we can too. DH has become quite good about combining a sale with a coupon to get items dirt cheap. He does most of our shopping, so I don't have to deal with it much.

We've never had any problems with using them that I know of. You must have gotten a checker in a bad mood, having a bad day.

Costs of everything seem to have gone up in the past year. Companies struggling to stay in business (or protect their profits) keep raising prices and passing it along to the consumer.
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BamaNik responded:
I can not stand wal mart! I dont shop there if I can help it.
I have discovered that Kroger usually has good deals all the time, so coupons arent needed. They have lots of buy one get one free and 4 for 5 kinda stuff. Its like they take the need for coupons away because everything is already listed as a sale. I shop there for food and Target for the other stuff...but Kroger can have shampoo and stuff on a good sale too at times...
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jamesii responded:
I had 1 that told me she couldn't honor a competitors ad for milk on sale. I said why, she said they didn't do that. I told her they did a week ago when I bought milk. I said, call the check out manager.

She did and was agry about it. The check out manager and store manager showed up. I explained the problem, the store manager said, we had a meeting about that 2 days ago, what is the problem? Honor the ad.

She was so angry. I told her, I was right and I knew I was right. She didn't win that one and a week later she was no longer there.

Then there is the story of how a bank cashier was fired due to insulting me. I knew the bank manager and reported the problem. She was dismissed and no longer works in a bank.

My point, speak up and demand your rights. that is what I do. I usually leave with a headache and a bit of anxiety. But I refuse to let them push me around.

Ark Jim
leslee_reimer responded:
I don't shop it causes too much stress and our local grocery is freezing cold. DH does it all. Our closest Wally World is 90 miles away. After the ride I'm too exhausted to shop so I just ride in one of their buggies.

My only shopping is on the internet..No rude clerks there. If I don't like what I see BAMMO One button your gone.

Soft Hugs
Dollbug responded:
Hello Karen.....MiMi in I was reading your post....I had to I have many times recently....I often think about people and who are they really behind the cashier that checks us out....who are these people really....who is behind the lady who does our banking each week? Is she happy in her job or is she there just to collect a paycheck? Who is behind the person who makes important decisions which can impact our lives each day....I often wonder.....what influenced them to do the job that they do....were they abused as children.....were they bullied....did they bully other children....

As each day passes and I hear about things which happen to other people....I can not help but I just recently found out that someone who has access to people private and personal into one of my children's files....and this person had no business in it whatsoever.....but she had a relative who needed info about some things....

People are suppose to do things and follow rules and regulations of how something is done....but this does not always with a lot of things....inside connections on a lot of things happen....and yet more often than one ever truly looks into matters close enough to figure out how something was discovered which made a big difference in how someone made a decision the way they did.... I read your post....I wondered....why in your case...did the cashier act the way she did? Perhaps she wanted to show her authority.....we never know....I have found out that there are always 2 sides to each and every story....and when the stories differ so is obvious that someone is not telling the truth....and then I have to wonder...why do people have to make up things about what actually took place....

As you can see....I am the type of person who always has another question to ask.....about something that happened...

Each day.....I am quite amazed at the things that people say and do....and then I have to wonder....why do they say the things that say and do the things they do....something at one time or another must have influenced them to be this way....

I do know that my younger son went to college and learned that adults do not always tell the this is the truth....he had no idea...until something happened in college and a professor told a lie....he could not believe this....

I could not help but laugh....I had no idea just how I had kept my children so sheltered in life....I always expected my children to do what was right...and I guess they assumed that everyone was taught the same tell the matter what....LOL...

Ok....I will get off my soapbox....I just wanted to share this with you...

People do sometimes irrate me to no I wonder what caused this person to act this way.....and the thing is....we will never know....

Take care and good luck...

IN GOD WE TRUST....MAY GOD BLESS AND GUIDE AMERICA.... My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
sherrycalif responded:
I used to get migraines at WalMart because of the fluorescent lighting, I think. I started wearing sunglasses when in there, which helped.
annette030 responded:
I only use coupons for things I would buy anyway. You do have to go exactly the way they say on the coupon or it is no good. I never buy brand name things like Tide or Downy, I find store or discount brand detergent and fabric softener works as well. I like most of the store brand stuff at my supermarket.

I know if I leave my husband home, I get out of the store faster and cheaper, lol. He is am impulse buyer, I stick to a list that I make out at home when I am not hungry. I eat something before I go to the store. If you shop when you are hungry you will buy more junk.

I buy non-perishables when they are on sale, and keep a back up one at home, so I don't get stuck and have to buy it when it is not on sale.

I make it a game to get the lowest cost per week.

Take care, Annette

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