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singlewoman47 posted:
After having a uterine ablation done to decrease my monthy periods I got Fibromyalgia! I was fine till then. I told my gynocologist this and he said he never heard of this. I believe its linked to sudden hormonal change. In me anyways. Ive also know people who have had historectomys and have got it. Thay are still doing this procedure in the doctors office and it needs to stop. I learned to never mess with mother nature the Hard Way!
WomanInBath responded:
I too, had the ablation done because along with my FM/CFS, my periods were knocking me down for at least 4 days per month due to haevy cramping and general malaise.

It helped by stopping my periods altogether but it is not a permanent solution--probably they will return at some point.

I still know when my period would have been, I feel the symptoms but they are much less intense and no bleeding.

Any type of trauma may induce Fibro symptoms but it must already be in your genetics. I learned this through the U of M studies.
MaMaTwig replied to WomanInBath's response:
Dear WomanInBath,
I too had th eablation done because I was getting a period every 2 weeks for approx. 6months, and I just couldn't take it any longer, and with my age it was senseless to put me on the pill because of my age and the fact I was a smoker at the time. (I quit smoking a year ago).

I can tell when I would normally have my periods because I to get the rest of the symptoms but they are mild. I know there is a chance that I might get my period back, but I hope not, It has been so nice for the last 5 years not have a monthly menstral cycle......:)

I can honestly say that this procedure did not bring on my FM symptoms, like you said any type of trauma can induce your Fibro symptoms. I believe mine happened when I contacted a severe viral infection, where all my WBC were basically non-existing, and my Liver Enzymes were so high, they were almost off the charts, because my bdy was trying to fight the infection. I haven't felt the same since. I should have went to the hospital but I was stubborn and wouldn't go.

I wish all of the FMily a pain free day, and {gentle hugz}
annette030 responded:
According to my old doctor uterine ablation does not alter hormones at all. The hormones come from your ovaries not your uterine wall. It simply gets rid of the tissue that grows and sheds every month. I opted not to have the procedure done. I ended up with FMS anyway.

I think any kind of surgery, illness, or trauma can cause FMS to rear its ugly head.

Take care, Annette

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