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fibroinsd posted:
oh my...what a morning...

Got on my scales this morning, expecting to be down another pound after the good workout I had yesterday...and I was up a couple of pounds...just isn't fair...I swear...I didn't do anything yesterday to cause frustrating...

Well...back at it today...I am soooo determined to lose some weight..

I have a friend who is out of town today...and she gave us their tickets for a play downtown tonight...and I am in my usual panic mode of "how will we do this..."...We are usually asleep by the time this play starts...(not really...but close !)...I just have become such a hermit...not wanting to go anywhere...but we will do this...just will add stress to the day...It isn't something that I would normally pick to go that doesn't make me want to do it either...Well...check in tomorrow to see how it goes..!

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
mrahoe responded:
mornin cece

i quit goin anywhere near my scales. . . last time i steped on in the scale it said out loud "one at a time please" lol . . . so a couple of lbs dont count. . lol

and all i can say about tonite. . . to be or not to be at the play or not. . . is it worth the pain it is no doubt to cause you.. .

the nut from the north
diannarebecca responded:
Don't be down on yourself cece! Did you know that muscle ways more than mass? So if you've been lifting weights you may have gained weight but it's in muscle, not flab which is preferable.

I try not to weigh myself & instead just go by the fit of my clothes & lateley by the way my clothes fit it's better if I not weigh myself & risk a deep deep depression. LOL

Regarding the play, I find that the more I don't leave my house (& there are times I wouldn't even if it's on fire), the harder it is for me to leave the house. If it's something that you & your hubby want to do then I say go, have fun & leave early if you have to. If it's something you feel obligated to do because the tickets were given to you, maybe give them away to a school who can reward a teacher with them or to a neighbor that you think would enjoy that kind of thing or a radio station who can give them away in a call in contest. Then not only can you pat yourself on the back for a random act of kindness you can also mention to your friend how her act of kindness made someone else's day!

Either way, good luck. I can not stand a last minute change in plans especially if it means I have to interrupt my regular routine (in bed by 6, asleep by at least 10) especially if it requires that I leave my comfort zone. It is enough to make me cranky at the least and in a panic attack at the most. Hope you have a wonderful evening either way.
Rozzy12 replied to diannarebecca's response:
Good Morning CeCe,

Just a little information for you that I learned your body can fluctuate 5 pounds so don't worry too much it might just be from that.. And don't ever get on the scale in the afternoon cause it could go up... You are doing a good job keep up the good work..

mischelle360 responded:
Cece, My weight always fluctuates 5 lbs, even when losing weight. Right now I weigh anywhere from 145 to 150 each time I step on the scales. I know I am losing when it starts going down to 140 to 145 each time. I know I am gaining if I go from 150 to 155...

I do not retain fluid so I know I can't blame it on that. It's just the way my body has always done.

If I were you, I wouldn't weigh daily as it will just drive you insane. Weigh weekly or biweekly, I think you will see better results that way. Do your measurements too and take them and write them down each time u weigh. It is so nice to see the inches disappearing even if the weight remains. Muscle weighs more than fat...

I hope you enjoy your play tonight!
fibroinsd responded:
Thanks all...I am keeping on....keeping on...

just back from my exercise club...a good 40 hopefully things will be better weight wise tomorrow...

still need to get excited about going to the play...just not excited...but I am sure it will be fine. I realized I know the building it is in..and there is parking right at least I am comfortable with that..

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright

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