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    How many people have had FM since they were a teen?
    putrkgirl posted:
    My name is Brandy and I am new to the FMily! I am 30 years old and I have had cronic pain since I was 12. It started out with migraines then progressed to "Growing Pains" that never went away.

    I am afraid to start a family due to this disease and the cronic back problems I have. Can anyone give me some advice?

    I lucked out and my husband is very understanding. My parents are starting to come around to the idea that there is something wrong and I'm not lazy. I have a really hard time with this and the depression meds aren't really helping. I was fired in 2009 and that just sent me over the edge!!! I was sick and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. Still haven't solved the problem. I feel really worthless.

    Thanks for letting me vent! It's just nice to know I'm not alone!!!!!
    diannarebecca responded:
    Hi Brandy! I understand exactly what you are saying. I have been suffering since at least age 13 with migraines, back pain & general pain which like you I was told were growing pains. Nobody could understand why I hurt so much & I was made to feel like I was just a huge whimp. Although my family is more understanding now they still don't really get it.

    I am 34 & I had my first child at 15. My second pregnancy at 22 was much harder but I hadn't been diagnosed yet at that time so with only a teenage pregnancy to compare it to I thought the pregnancy was normal.

    I don't see any reason to put off pregnancy if you really want children. Your husband and family will have to understand that you will need their support and assistance & you will have to understand that you need to allow your body extra rest. I would suggest getting a referal to a rheumatologist who may be more knowledgeable about fibro & asking for information to supply to your gyno or better yet, ask the two doctors to share information about your care.

    Are you on any medications?
    jroseland responded:
    I have had pain issues almost as long as I can remember. I also had "growing pains" that have never gone away. I have had horrible sleep patterns my entire life. I'm 28 now and can honestly say I've had chronic pain for around 20 years. Crazy!

    I am also facing the having kids issue. There are more factors than just the FM for me but I think it's doable. My sister also has FM and has a son. She's had some hard times where because of her son and work she had to "push through it" but I think she'd rather deal with that than not have her son.

    But the reality is that FM does affect your whole life. I think most of us struggle with feelings of worthlessness. Sometimes I feel like other people are living their lives around me where I'm on the side-lines just watching.
    mischelle360 responded:
    I believe I have had FM since I was 9 years old. My achy pains and feeling bad was always blamed on allergies, which I did have bad allergies but I now know FM is what made me feel the way I did.

    Looking back, my first major FM flare up was when I was pregnant with my almost 12 year old. I am now 41 so I wasn't much younger than you when I was pregnant with her. She was my second born and I had had two miscarriages between her and our oldest son. I think the stress of worrying about losing her put me in a flare the entire pregnancy. I slept most of it away,lol, as I was in a severe state of exhaustion.

    I did get better after having her. I still had the FM, just not unbearably so until this last year.

    I also have an 8 year old. I was not in a constant flare the whole time with her... I think stress is one of the main causes for flare ups.. The higher the stress, the worse the flare up is.

    I will say this, If I had to do my almost 12 year old's pregnancy over again, pain and all, i'd do it in a second! I might have been in pain and in a severe state of exhaustion, but it was a price well paid for. I cannot imagine life without any of my children. And without a doubt, she is my rock...

    I will say this, if you want children, the younger you are having them, the easier it will be on you... Or at least I would think so.

    Take Care!
    deal14 responded:
    You are not alone. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis when I was a teen and nothing was helping and eventually was put on a drug called Lupron by a doc. Well now I know it was a chemotherapy drug and just does a number on your body, so as soon as I started it I started havingall over body pain, memory issues, etc.... they were NOT supposed to be permanant but now I am considered to have Fibromyalgia. So I also get the pain from when you were a teen carrying over.

    As for starting a family, I totally get it. Terrifying. Luckily(kind of) I had ferility issues with the endo problem and that kicked in the problem that if I didnt have kids now I may not be able to later in life. So we got pregnant. Sometimes it really takes a toll on me and I Feel like an 80 yr old raising kids. but my husband helps alot and so do some of my family if I need it I drive to my parents and stay over and they help me. If you have a good support system then I say go for it(also if your ready!) because if you want a family now, dont let this disease hold you back. Its scary I know but even though you had bad days now maybe where you dont get out of bed, when you have a baby and they cry or its time to get up, you will get up because you dont have an option... and its not a bad thing either. For me at least, my kids are the reason I get out of bed... because they need me more than I need to be in bed. When it was just DH and I, I didnt have to get out of bed or do much when I didnt feel good because hes an adult. I hope I didnt scare you, I was hoping to inspire you. But for me it really helps to know they need me more and to kind of just push through the bad days.

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