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Funny feeling in head
sssfletcher posted:
Hi! I am new here...and was diagnosed with fibro about 1 1/2 years ago. I am still trying to weave my way through understanding this and feeling a bit overwhelmed at times.

About 2 months ago I started having this really wierd sensation in my head. It seems to be worse when I am completely is like a wave of movement under my scalp on the top of my head.....when my eyes move the feeling kind of echos it. When I move my head the feeling echos it...almost in the same direction. Even noises can make it worse - feels like a vibration movement. It is so hard to explain and yet it is so completely irritating and I don't know if this is a 'normal' thing...or possibly completely non-related.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this!

happycouple001 responded:
ok clarify please in ur head like a pulse sensation or on the outside in ur skin also is it more noticeably at stressful times goto bed with it wake up with it or what medicenes are u taking if u take meds. do u notice it right after or is there a delay i had pulse in my skin at times
favorite song unanswered prayers by garth verses john 3:16 and serenity prayer .....happily married for 10 years this aug.,,,......... matt and my wife fran
happycouple001 replied to happycouple001's response:
pulses in my head at skin level
favorite song unanswered prayers by garth verses john 3:16 and serenity prayer .....happily married for 10 years this aug.,,,......... matt and my wife fran
sssfletcher replied to happycouple001's response:
It is under my skin....feels like it is under my skull....but on the top of my head. It definately gets worse when I am exhausted...but I feel it every stinkin' day!!! It is such a creepy feeling - it is like a wave of movement. Wondering if maybe it is really anxiety that is bringing this on????? Could that even be????? I know that the worse I feel (daily) the higher my anxiety seems to get.....

I am not taking any meds for the fibro right now - my choice. My Dr. offered me a few different options and I chose not to do any of them. I am so leary of everything right now. Just feel new to this and trying to make sense of it all. Very overwhelmed by this whole thing.....feel like I have lost a huge part of me and am just trying to find my way.
squarley replied to sssfletcher's response:
Sounds like anxiety to me which comes on from FM, I have that simular feeling when I am really anxious and in a lot of pain. We get so many weird feeling. I take xanx and it helps that. I am so sorry you have this and hope you find some help. We all our here for you.. Light Hugs Squarley
fibroinsd responded:
I wouldn't say that this is one of the big fibro issues that have been mentioned here. I have had vertigo, and I know several others have had that also. I am not sure if what you are describing is Vertigo. I think I would give your doctor a call and see what he says. Sounds like it is worth looking into...

let us know what you find out..

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karij123 replied to fibroinsd's response:
I think I know exactly what you're talking about. I've never related it to anxiety, and I agree that it's worse when tired.

It's kind of like a quick feeling of lightheadedness, but a wave of it, and it's mirrored with the feeling in the eyes, and I think in my case, my ears. I can hear it happen. Imagine a wheat field and a large gust of wind blowing across. That's exactly how it feels. Kind of a buzzing senstion.

I also feel a strange feeling in my heart when it happens. Do you feel that too?
sssfletcher replied to karij123's response:
I am so glad someone 'gets' it...:) I haven't been 'scared' of's been going on for 2 months now and hasn't gotten any is just strange and uncomfortable. Grrrrrrr! :) It feels like it is a 'nerve' overly sensitive nerves in my head giving me wierd sensations. Guess it could be worse..huh?! :)

I haven't felt it in my heart karij....hope I don't ever either.....the head is enough!!! LOL! Have you had that same feeling (in your head) for a long time....? The past couple months is the first time I have dealt with it. Hope it doesn't last! :)
shirley2010 replied to sssfletcher's response:
Hello there ... it sounds like it might be muscles in ur neck and shoulder related !

Perhaps ur Dr. can give u something for it ...

Hang in there !!!
fibroKimber responded:
I often have almost a dull, buzzing feeling in my head or around my eyes especially when the pain is bad. it's a pretty common fibro thing i guess. I suggest reading up on all of Dr pellegrino's posts on the right (click his name then his discussions) because he has a way of explaining things perfectly . Because of him I've realized that sooooo many of my random, odd symptoms can be attributed to FM and to our dysfunctional autonomic nervous systems. Good times!

Youll learn a lot here on this discussion group. Dr. Pellegrino is a godsend, truly.

Good luck!


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