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Muscle twitches and involuntary movements
meesh69 posted:
I have been having the worst twinges in my arms, legs, and body that cause my body to jolt, or my leg to pop up while I am sleeping. This incredibly annoying! Has anyone else had this? Is there ANYTHING that helps this?
squarley responded:
Sounds like restless leg syndrome, I have that and it is very simular.It is very annoying . I take xanx for it IT is the only thing that helps me. There are other things muscle relaxer and other thing ,ask your doctor I think it can be part of FM. Hope you find some thing to help. Light Hugs, Squarley
lb707 replied to squarley's response:
I have dealt with it since 2002, you would not believe some of the tests I have. All they ever said was there must be a misfiring in the brain. I now take clonazepam very similar to xanax except it is also used for seizures. It has been a life saver for me.

hisfaithful1 replied to lb707's response:
Certain medications can cause it. I take Tramadol and Flexeril, and I have to make sure I do not take them together, or I have bad muscle jerking. Even the Tramadol by itself causes me to have twitches. I am going to ask my doctor for a different pain medication because of this very thing. It's not painful, but it sure is irritating isn't it?

Please let us know if you find out what is causing this.
lb707 replied to hisfaithful1's response:
When I first started this crazy movement I was not on any meds at all. If I do take a antidepressant they do get worse once I am on them for two weeks...... so somewhere in my crazy way of thinking I have wondered if has anything to do with the fact when first DX I did try several of them as that was the standard treatment in the early 90's.

kimmiesue72 replied to lb707's response:
I have these twitches also. It is so crazy. When this started is when I knew there was more to the pain and fatigue I was experiencing. When I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with fibro he said it was a part of it. I knew something was wrong because it is not just my legs. My hips will do it and also my arms. Especially when I try to relax. Please let us know what has helped everyone.


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