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Weight gain with FM meds
NaturallyUnique posted:
I am a mother of two toddlers. A weel after I turned 30 I was hospitalized for a lot of unexplained and frightning sypmtoms, uncontrolable jerking, studdering, extreme weakness and loss of balance..well after being told I was "crazy" I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I was first put on Amitriptylene which I steadily gained about 5lbs a month. This was depressing since I had lost a total of 45lbs by my 30th birthday. Then I was swithched over to gabapentin and it seemed like my 25lb weight gain leveled off. I lost 5lbs and I have reverted to an almost vegetarian diet. Recently I had to increase my dosage alot and it seems like my weight gain is trying to come back. I am relatively active with working part-time and having 2 busy toddlers..anyone have any suggestions!!!!
jroseland responded:
The crummy thing about many of the meds used for FM is that they cause weight gain.

I gained a bunch of weight while taking gabapentin. I was eating 1200-1500 calories/day and exercising 3-5 times per week. I had been the same weight within 5-10 pounds for years.

Many people gain weight when they take certain meds. Some people can adjust their diet and exercise and keep the weight off. For me, I am completely convinced that the meds really messed up my metabolism. I could not have done more or eaten less to lose the weight.

There is no easy answer to this issue--it comes up a lot here. Everyone is different. Some can control their weight, some will gain a little but believe the benefits outweigh the side-effects, and some like me will gain a ton of weight and decide never to take those meds again. As a note, I did not have very much relief from the gabapentin, so the weight gain was really not worth it for me!

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